Ad blocking becomes $22B headache for online video providers, advertisers

Why is ad blocking taking off? That's easy: consumers love it, as it rids browsers of annoying ads and helps their devices work faster. But their rise leaves online video providers that derive their revenue from advertising in a bind.

YouTube Gaming adds mobile capture, sponsorship features to live-streaming service

YouTube Gaming announced it is now possible for users to live-stream their mobile games to an online audience, bringing a new element to the service which is charging hard to grab players and viewers from Twitch.

Analyst: Verizon taking a Google tack in its revenue strategy, focusing on consumer data via go90

What is Verizon's go90, really? One analyst is arguing that the key reason the carrier launched the mobile-first over-the-top video service is not to upend current online video business models, but a much simpler and purportedly more lucrative reason: to collect data on users that it can sell to advertisers.

Broadcast spectrum auction opening bids top $1.2M

And they're off: the FCC set opening bid prices for the upcoming broadcast reverse auction, posting prices for a host of TV stations that will voluntarily auction their spectrum.

Yahoo sharpens its focus on core business as Mavens revenue jumps 43 percent

Yahoo's increased focus on its mobile, video, native and social media offerings, also known as Mavens, led to a corresponding jump in revenue for the business segment of 43 percent, to $422 million. However, the company missed analyst forecasts for overall revenue and earnings per share.

Credit card companies snap back at Netflix chip card claims

Credit card companies pushed back against Netflix claims in its third-quarter earnings report that the industry's conversion to chip cards led to less-than-expected subscriber signups in the U.S.

Facebook tests dedicated video section, improves publisher tools

Social media giant Facebook is testing a new section of its web and mobile sites that will provide a dedicated location for users to find, view or share videos with their Facebook friends. The addition lays a direct challenge at the feet of YouTube and puts other social media sites on notice.

'Weak' TV shows fare better on social media, study finds

Social media may boost TV shows that score weak on traditional TV ratings. A new study by Engagement Labs that measures social data for online and offline conversations (word of mouth), found that series on Fox, ABC, NBC and other broadcast networks that have middling to low traditional TV ratings do well in terms of engagement scores.

Community TV stations want cable operators' OTT efforts included in MVPD reclassification

As the move to rewrite rules governing multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) approaches a vote at the FCC, community access television stations have mounted a campaign urging the commission to reconsider its exemption of cable operators' TV Everywhere or OTT efforts from classification.

FilmOn's David: Amazon, Google lobbying 'heavily' against regulating OTT providers as MVPDs

FilmOn CEO Alki David is continuing to lobby the FCC to move forward with rulemaking that would classify certain OTT providers as MVPDs and allow them to negotiate broadcast retransmission licenses. However, he said that online video provider Amazon and major ISPs including Google are also heavily lobbying the commission against revising current rules for MVPDs.

Sports fans roil Twitter after it pulls accounts due to copyright complaints over highlight videos

Online video and animated clips that highlight specific sports plays continue to occupy a gray area in the social media world, but their usage came to the fore again this week when Twitter suspended two popular accounts over their posting of football clips.

Netflix's $1 price hike encourages investors … temporarily

Netflix stock took an upward turn after the SVOD provider announced it will implement another price hike on Nov. 11, charging new subscribers $9.99 monthly for its popular two-device streaming tier. The boost in revenues will help offset costs related to its increased focus on original content.

Netflix an acquisition target? The case for and against

About a month ago, Paolo Pescatore, an analyst with CCS Insight outlined the idea that Netflix may be a shiny acquisition target. While the thought seems a little far-fetched -- Netflix almost certainly has no interest in being bought -- it isn't the first time this possibility has been floated, and now other outlets have picked up the ball and are outlaying cases for acquiring Netflix.

Cord-nevers outnumber cord-cutters nearly 3 to 1, Forrester report says

The cord-nevers demographic, once looked upon with mild interest by the pay-TV industry, has "eclipsed" cord-cutters in size, a new report from Forrester Research states, and the industry needs to learn now how to best serve this upcoming generation of video consumers who have never had a cable subscription and likely never will.

Bad for consumers, bad for pay-TV: why is the set-top box still around?

Set-top box rental fees imposed by cable operators add up to more than $231 per year for each of their subscribers -- and 99 percent of all subscribers rent their boxes directly from their cable provider, with few other options available to them. While that lock on the customer should provide a nice margin for pay-TV operators, the industry argues that set-top leasing is hardly a profitable business.

ABC Family changes its name, takes a multiplatform angle

Disney-owned television network ABC Family is changing its name to "Freeform" in January, a move it says will better reflect its content offerings and its audience's multiscreen viewing behaviors.

Hulu CEO Hopkins: No international expansion for now

Don't look for Hulu to expand into countries outside the U.S. anytime soon: its CEO, Mike Hopkins, told attendees at a Cannes, France event that while the global broadband market makes a compelling case for doing so, the SVOD provider is only going to look at potential expansion scenarios for now.

Newly launched 4K-capable Roku 4 purpose-built for streamers, eschews gaming component

Roku's latest device, the Roku 4, has a number of new features: a new operating system, OS 7; 60 frames-per-second 4K compatibility; and a remote control with voice search capability, among others. What it doesn't have is added gaming capabilities, and that was done on purpose according to Roku CEO Anthony Wood.

Amazon's move to pull Google, Apple streaming devices 'pretty dumb,' analyst says

By the end of the month, Amazon shoppers won't be able to buy Apple TV or Google Chromecast streaming devices from the online retail giant's website. While ostensibly made to prevent "customer confusion," some analysts are scratching their heads.

NewsON, Watchup, ZypMedia target the oft-overlooked local TV streaming opportunity

At the risk of throwing too many clichés at you, this is the best of times and the worst of times for the broadcast industry. The potential to reach a greater audience is bigger than ever, but the cost and complexity involved in leveraging OTT technologies makes adding an OTT strategy somewhat risky.