Netflix 'in talks' to launch in China as shares top $600

Is Netflix going to China? Investors certainly hope so, as reports that the SVOD service is in talks with Chinese online video providers, including BesTV New Media and Wasu Media Holdings, sent its stock skyrocketing over $600.

Sharing Netflix, other SVOD accounts is prevalent among OTT households--but how much it matters is relative

Among the 57 percent of U.S. broadband households that have an over-the-top video subscription like Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant Video or Netflix, 11 percent are using shared accounts provided by people outside the home, a new Parks Associates study says. But the question remains as to whether account sharing is a real problem, or an opportunity for SVOD providers.

Finding the winners and losers at INTX

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association is doing its very best to bury the word "cable"--despite it being right there in the middle of the organization's name. That was a big part of its rebranding of The Cable Show into INTX. But was it effective?

TiVo adds Plex cloud media management system to Roamio, other set-tops

NEW YORK--DVR manufacturer TiVo will integrate Plex, a cloud-based personal media management and streaming system, into its service offerings beginning June 8, according to Plex's Scott Olechowski, co-founder and chief product officer. The announcement was made during a keynote here at Streaming Media East.

Twitter hunts for dollars in the 'democratization' of OTT video

To say that Twitter's addition of video to its social media platform has been a success in the mobile realm is an understatement. According to the company, 90 percent of video views by users have been on mobile devices. But more important to the company's bottom line, its buildout of a native video player and advertising capability means it is finding new ways to pull in revenue.

Differentiating OTT products means big focus on branding, audience, VICE's Proffer says

NEW YORK--As over-the-top services proliferate, standing out from the crowd is getting increasingly difficult. So capturing the online video audience takes both smart marketing moves and an understanding of what that audience wants. That was the consensus of a panel here at Streaming Media East that, while ostensibly discussing the disruption OTT has wrought upon pay TV, turned inevitably toward making money with online content.

Verizon snaps up AOL for $4.4B, locking in mobile video, advertising tech

Wondering how far Verizon will go to build an online video empire focusing on its wireless division? Wonder no more: The carrier is buying AOL for $4.4 billion in an all-cash deal that will give Verizon access to the Web company's video and programmatic advertising technologies.

Does your company have Fierce 15 spirit?

For the first time, FierceOnlineVideo is selecting companies for the Fierce 15, which recognizes the most interesting and innovative startups in the online video industry.

AOL revenues climb 7% to $625.1M on strength of video advertising, programmatic strategy

AOL's mobile-focused video play is picking up steam as its double-digit growth in premium advertising sales helped the company beat analyst estimates, reporting $625.1 million in revenues in the first quarter of 2015, a 7 percent climb, and adjusted earnings per share of 34 cents.

YipTV takes aim at U.S. Hispanic market with 50-channel OTT service

The market for Hispanic consumers in the U.S. is potentially $1.5 trillion, with a young, cord-cutting-friendly audience base. And online video providers are beginning to make efforts to reach them. Case in point is YipTV, which is launching a 50-channel over-the-top streaming service that aims to be a go-to provider for Hispanic and ultimately other multilingual groups searching for entertainment and sports programming from international TV networks.

Wi-Fi may shape cable merger deals to come

Cable companies and Wi-Fi: a few years ago, that combination may have seemed improbable. But as pay-TV operators from Charter to Time Warner Cable build Wi-Fi access points across their footprints, the promise of Wi-Fi as a viable answer to wireless service is growing.

Online video business models abound, but which attract the most viewers?

New over-the-top players are clambering aboard the online video cruise ship with increasing frequency. Where does Netflix fit in the online video hierarchy? Who does CBS All Access compete with? Industry players and analysts know the answers, but for consumers and a few enterprises looking to get into the space, the number of different services is a bit overwhelming.

Amazon, Jet Blue partner to launch in-flight streaming via Fly-Fi service

JetBlue and Amazon are teaming up to significantly boost content offerings on the airline's in-flight broadband service, dubbed Fly-Fi. Amazon Instant Video will be available this year on the service for passengers to rent or buy, and then stream, videos during their trip; Prime Instant Video subscribers will be able to stream movies and TV series from the service.

Where Netflix, YouTube and HBO Now fit in the OTT industry

What are the most prevalent revenue models in OTT, and where do providers like Netflix fit in the online entertainment landscape? We take a look.

Cord cutter threat remains real as OTT quality, content choice improve

To cut the cord or not is a conversation that is increasingly taking place in households worldwide, according to a new report from Limelight Networks. In its annual "State of Online Video Survey," the digital content delivery provider suggests that almost 90 percent of respondents, regardless of age, are open to the idea of cancelling their pay-TV service and going all-OTT.

Online video titans Chernin, Armstrong keep focus on getting more content, expanding internationally

CHICAGO--Peter Chernin and Tim Armstrong, top executives in the online video market, reiterated their belief that increasingly valuable branded content will continue to drive the online video market for the foreseeable future. In separate keynote appearances here at the INTX cable industry trade show, the head of The Chernin Group and the chief executive of AOL explained that the market for online video will continue to grow as more people around the globe connect to the Internet and video creators continue to churn out more quality content.

Dextro's Stream app may set foundation for marketers looking for real-time Periscope analytics

Content discovery for Periscope may get a whole lot easier with the launch of Stream, an app through which users can browse and find live streams on the popular, Twitter-owned service and access them in real time. New York-based startup Dextro developed the app and is simultaneously releasing a new version of its computer vision API.

Periscope users get around PPV outages to 'heart' Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

Cue the anti-piracy rant from content owners: Periscope users were apparently easily able to find and watch Saturday's boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao using the iPhone app. And the illicit live streams were apparently far more reliable than many cable providers' pay-per-view services, which conked out just prior to the start of the fight, much to the dismay of viewers who laid out nearly $100 for the privilege of watching it legally.

Could Comcast-TWC scuttling open door for Netflix acquisition?

Could Netflix be acquired by a pay-TV giant like Comcast? Now that the merger deal between Time Warner Cable and Comcast is dead, anything can happen.

Streaming Video Alliance gets busy, publishing open caching principles

The Streaming Video Alliance, formed last year by a number of leading online video companies and pay-TV operators--but not Netflix, Amazon or Hulu--is making a start on some of its stated goals, publishing the guiding principles and system attributes of its Open Caching Working Group.