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Latest Headlines

Comcast launches beta version of ad-supported Watchable video service

Comcast has introduced a beta version of its new ad-supported short-form video service, Watchable. The service is available for free, without a Comcast subscription, for users of Apple iOS mobile devices, and is also viewable on the watchable.com site as well as Comcast's X1 video platform.

Gracenote begins cataloging short-form content as pay-TV operators eye YouTube's success

AMSTERDAM-- Gracenote, which supplies pay-TV program guides with metadata on TV shows and movies, said it is working to add what it calls "digital-first content" to its database. Richard Cusick, Gracenote's general manager for video, explained that the company's move is in reaction to interest by pay-TV operators in adding shorter, YouTube-style clips from the likes of Maker Studios and AweseomenessTV to their pay-TV offerings.

Variety unearths Web-based demo of Comcast's upcoming 'Watchable' online video platform

Variety  briefly uncovered an online demo of Comcast's new online video platform titled, tentatively at least, "Watchable."

Facebook on piracy complaints: 'We're working on it,' but effective solution may be far off

Following a week of increased media coverage about the massive amount of video content being posted to its site without the content owners' permission-- and after months of complaints by YouTube creators in particular, who say the problem has affected their revenues-- Facebook said it is developing additional tools to automatically detect copyrighted materials.

Google's YouTube leads online video market, with Facebook and Yahoo trailing

Google's video sites, including YouTube, attracted the most viewers during the second quarter, according to comScore. Facebook and Yahoo Sites held firmly to the second and third positions, the firm said, with Google taking the lion's share of unique views.

YouTube Gaming goes live, poses major competition for Twitch

Updated: YouTube's answer to live-streaming game site Twitch is now live: YouTube Gaming is available in every country in which the top OTT video site operates, Ars Technica reports.

Lost in transition: YouTube creators bristle over losing revenue to Facebook video

Facebook may be helping to build an online video dream market for marketers, who now have another user-heavy option on which to place their ads, but for YouTube-based content creators, the social media giant is becoming a nightmare as lost views impact their revenue.

Comcast's Watchable blasted as 'non-starter,' but reports indicate Comcast has relatively modest hopes for service

Details continue to leak out on Comcast's rumored web video platform Watchable, including that the company will offer content suppliers better terms than Facebook and YouTube. And some analysts are already expressing serious reservations about whether the service will generate interest among Comcast customers and Internet users overall. However, according to a Wall Street Journal report, Comcast has relatively low expectations for the forthcoming service, and is positioning Watchable as a way to entice younger TV viewers to its TV packages.

Comcast's answer to Facebook and YouTube- Watchable- reportedly launching in weeks

Comcast is reportedly preparing to launch an online video platform called "Watchable" that will feature content from the likes of AwesomenessTV, Refinery29, The Onion, Vice, NBC Sports and others sometime in the next few weeks, according to a new report from Business Insider that cited unnamed sources familiar with the company's plans.

YouTube to remain under Google brand, Wojcicki's leadership after reorg to Alphabet

Google's OTT juggernaut, YouTube, will remain a part of the company after the search engine giant reorganizes as a number of separate subsidiaries under a new holding company, Alphabet.