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Latest Headlines

The boneyard: Online video sites that bit the dust … and some that may rise again

YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo and other online video providers have enjoyed significant success. But other OTT video players haven't been so lucky. Here are 10 online video companies either gone before their time, or that are struggling to keep from fading away.

User behavior shifts as Netflix use on consoles declines, streaming device use rises

While recent surveys are finding that Americans have more streaming devices available to them than ever before, how they use those devices may be shifting--yet again. A recent study by GfK found that the use of game consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation to watch Netflix has declined 5 percent since 2013, to 43 percent of the SVOD service's subscribers.

Xbox studio adds former WB Network boss

In what may be a sign of Microsoft's original content development ambitions, Xbox Entertainment studios has hired former WB Network CEO Jordan Levin.

Microsoft winding down MSNTV

Microsoft will end its MSNTV service Sept. 30, the company said in a FAQ posted to the MSN TV website.

Betting on original TV online

This week, while the broadcast networks' prime time schedules are winding down for summer, Netflix will add a new season of "Arrested Development" to its library. And with the franchise's built-in fan base, the new season is about the closest thing to a sure bet currently found in original online video production.

Microsoft's Xbox One makes play for living room

Microsoft continued its push for a larger role in living room entertainment with its new game console and entertainment center, Xbox One. The company described the device as a single device for providing all entertainment and communications bound for the living room TV set, from online video to games and traditional TV.

Verizon offers more live streaming channels on FiOS TV than Xbox 360

Although Verizon Communications offers up to 75 live streaming channels to customers using FiOS TV and LG Electronics Internet-connected devices, it stops far short of that number when it comes to viewers using a Microsoft Xbox 360 or a Samsung Smart TV, according to a  Multichannel News  report.

Microsoft to release Xbox STB in 2013

Multiple sources confirmed to  The Verge  last week that Microsoft is building a less expensive alternative to its Xbox console: an Xbox set-top box.

Microsoft hires entertainment exec to develop Xbox video content

Microsoft has made a move to make online video--and particularly its own exclusive online video--a major piece of its Xbox gaming platform. Until now, Microsoft has depended on cutting deals with outsiders to get video content to run on the gaming platform. That should change now that the software giant has hired  former CBS Network entertainment president Nancy Tellem and charged her with starting and running a Los Angeles-based production studio.

Amazon video streaming goes live on Microsoft's Xbox 360

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Xbox 360 users who have been able to do more than play games on their game consoles for some time can now stream video from Amazon.com (Nasdaq: AMZN) Prime Instant Video. The