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Latest Headlines

Aereo-PlayOn combo delivers local TV to PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Google TV

Aereo customers will be able to watch local TV stations on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Google TV devices if they pay an additional $25 monthly, MediaMall said Monday.

Nintendo integrates cable TV and Web video programming with TVii interface

Nintendo said it will launch its TVii service on Thursday, which will allow cable and satellite TV subscribers who buy its Wii U gaming console to navigate programming from Comcast, Netflix and other video providers.

Hulu Plus hits 3M subscriber mark

Hulu announced it will close 2012 with more than 3 million paying Hulu Plus subscribers, a huge coup for the company that also offers a version of the same service, albeit with less content, for free. In a Hulu blog, Jason Kilar, CEO of the company, also announced the company would finish the year with $695 million in revenue, a more than 65 percent increase over 2011.

Online video part of the game for Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo has added a live TV element to its strategy to make the next Wii--the Wii U, due for the U.S. market in November--more than just a game console.

Nintendo challenges cable IPGs with TVii user interface

Add Nintendo to the list of companies challenging cable operators and satellite TV providers for control of the user interface that subscribers rely on to access video programming.

Nintendo 'moving beyond' hardware with new online strategy

Nintendo Co. (TYO: 7974), apparently tired of watching sales of its traditional disk-based games fall year after year--along with those of other video game providers, it should be fairly noted--is...

Nielsen: Video usage increases on Xbox, PlayStation3, Wii

Consumers are increasingly using gaming consoles to watch online video rather than play games. According to Nielsen, Xbox owners use the device to watch video from Netflix, Hulu and other online

Xbox, PS3, Wii see a big jump in use to stream video

New research from Nielsen shows that gaming consoles increasingly are being to stream movies and TV shows. Click here to zoom in on this chart. All three of the most popular consoles,

Netflix launches disc-free streaming on Wii, PS3

Netflix is continuing its push to become ubiquitous with streaming video, adding the Nintendo Wii console to the list of devices that can now support streaming movies and TV episodes directly from

Wii: More than a million users have tried streaming Netflix in past month

Just a month after Netflix became available on Nintendo's Wii gaming platform, the DVD-by-mail--and, increasingly, by streaming--company says almost a million Nintendo Wii users have participated in