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Latest Headlines

As YouTube marks tenth anniversary, rivals like Facebook queue up to topple the giant

February 14 wasn't just a day for couples to frantically scramble for restaurant reservations--this year it marked the tenth anniversary of YouTube's domain registration. Its first video, "Me At the Zoo"--which featured a pithy description of elephants', er--well anyway, that was uploaded on April 23, 2005.

Microsoft: Instagram, Vine apps show Windows Phone is 'turning a corner'

Apps for Instagram and Vine are now available on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, giving the OS a needed boost in the app market. The apps, especially Instagram, have been missing from Windows Phone and long coveted by Microsoft.

Mixbit debuts from YouTube founders

MixBit, a site and series of apps that let users record, edit and remix video online, was introduced last week by YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. MixBit joins Twitter's Vine and Facebook's Instagram in a growing field of companies dabbling in ultra-short-form video.

Twitter video sharing app faces problems on launch day

Twitter's new video sharing service experienced some problems during its launch on Thursday.