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Latest Headlines

Verizon promises 'fireworks' next week amid rumors of carryover data, 'safety mode' unlimited service

A Verizon spokeswoman said the carrier expects to make a major announcement next week – and based on some internet rumors that announcement may well be the introduction of "carryover" data alongside a "safety mode" that would provide users with slow-speed unlimited data service.

Verizon quietly retires content filters

Verizon quietly shut down its content filters this week, killing a free service that enabled its wireless customers to control the kinds of content that could be accessed by users on their service accounts.

AT&T, CenturyLink slam Verizon/Incompas special access pact

AT&T and CenturyLink are taking aim at the latest business data services (BDS) proposal made by Verizon and Incompas, calling it nothing more than a self-serving measure.

Chevy lowers pricing for 4G plans in ultra-competitive connected car market

Chevrolet slashed the prices of some of its 4G data plans in a move that underscores increasing competition in the connected car market.

Verizon, BroadSoft eases voice service installation, operations for Champion Realty via the cloud

Verizon Enterprise Solutions enabled Champion Realty to migrate to IP-based voice with its Virtual Communications Express service, illustrating how the cloud is simplifying voice service installation and management for businesses.

Verizon to raise $1.17B through bond backed by EIP loans

Verizon is reportedly looking to raise $1.17 billion in a bond backed by customers' monthly phone installment payments in an unprecedented move that may see other mobile network operators follow suit.

Verizon, Incompas propose new 8-point special access plan, encourage facilities-based competition

Verizon and Incompas have come together again to propose a new 8 element outline for a framework for Business Data Services (BDS).

Verizon details network upgrades ahead of Republican, Democratic National Conventions

Ahead of next month's Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Verizon Wireless is detailing some of the network upgrades being put in place in order to handle the increased demands on the network.

Lowenstein's View: Key themes for mobile in 2H '16

Usually, industry analysts such as myself wait until December for the annual ritual of "predictions" columns. But there is enough of import happening in the industry that I think it will be of some value to  Fierce  readers to take stock of where we are as of mid-year, and to think about what the next 6-9 months look like across the mobile landscape.

Wi-Fi Alliance: August target for coexistence test plan with LTE-U could slip into September

Wireless operators and vendors looking to deploy LTE-U have expressed frustration in the past about the time it's taking to create a test plan for coexisting with Wi-Fi, and now it looks as though it might get pushed back a little more.