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Latest Headlines

New study finds little evidence that Netflix is cannibalizing pay-TV customers

In one of the most thorough studies yet on Netflix viewing habits--and more specifically, their effect on pay-TV use--The Diffusion Group found that cable, satellite and IPTV use among Netflix homes declined marginally from 2012 to 2015.

FCC doesn't understand impracticality of live linear video over OTT, analyst says

While it's good to see the FCC finally recognize that regulations for facilities-based MVPDs are anachronistic, the commission revealed its naiveté of over-the-top distribution by not acknowledging the impracticality of online video for live linear broadcasts. That's the conclusion of analyst Joel Espelien of The Diffusion Group. His latest report can be found here, distilled by FierceOnlineVideo.

Linear broadcast over OTT would throw viewers 'back to 1985,' analyst says

While it's about time the FCC finally recognized that regulations for facilities-based MVPDs are "anachronistic," the commission is completely clueless about what broadband video really is, and what it means for media and entertainment's future, an analyst with The Diffusion Group says.

Pay TV is for older consumers, survey says, as millenials follow OTT route

The Diffusion Group has released research that pretty much confirms what every doomsayer has suggested all along: Older consumers are more likely than their younger counterparts to subscribe to legacy pay TV services and, if the trend continues, tomorrow's household head won't be buying services from your local IPTV, cable or satellite dealer.

TDG: Connected TV users more likely to snip cord

Adults with connected TVs are "twice as likely" to cut the cord--or at least shave it a bit--as their counterparts with dumb TVs, the latest research from The Diffusion Group has found.

Analysts: Less than half of consumers take advantage of connected TV capabilities

In a glass half full/half empty conundrum, a pair of analyst reports reached the conclusion that connected devices are making inroads into the consumer's home entertainment setup, but are not ubiquitous by any stretch of the imagination.

'Pay TV refugees' seen populating 13% of U.S. broadband households

There are 11 million broadband households in the United States comprised of cord cutters and cord nevers who do not subscribe to pay TV services. This group, lumped together as "pay TV refugees," now makes up about 13 percent of the entire U.S. broadband household universe.