Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

ABC relaunches unauthenticated streaming service with 7 new original shorts

ABC is taking another stab at original, short-form online and mobile video, relaunching its unauthenticated streaming platform with seven original series.

HBO experiences streaming complaints during 'Game of Thrones' premiere

In yet another example of a streaming video platform experiencing technical issues during a high-volume viewing event, HBO Now and HBO Go both drew numerous viewer complaints during Sunday night's highly anticipated season premiere of Game of Thrones.

Twitter secures the NFL's much sought-after Thursday night streaming rights

Twitter has emerged as the unlikely winning bidder of NFL Thursday night streaming rights, beating out Verizon, as well as digital rivals including Amazon, Yahoo and Facebook.

Sony to launch 4K streaming service on April 4, presents yet more Ultra HD competition for pay-TV

Making an aggressive move into a home entertainment market bereft of 4K content, Sony said its "Ultra" movie streaming service will launch April 4.

AT&T launches streaming-only DirecTV services, no installation required

The growing concern that the residential pay-TV installation business will soon be over-run by virtualized services just got reinforced in a big way, with AT&T announcing the introduction of three DirecTV streaming services.

CBS nets record 3.96 million unique Super Bowl streamers; NFL looks to cash in

As the NFL looks to further extend its very stretched broadcast licensing reach to even more digital platforms, CBS Corp. has given it even more incentive.

CBS, Warner Bros. discuss online version of CW

CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. are pondering an SVOD version of their CW Network as the broadcast station affiliation agreement the two companies used to start the network 10 years ago gets ready to expire.

NFL expands London game-streaming strategy, further moves beyond pay-TV ecosystem

After deeming its live-steam of a London-based regular season game on Yahoo in October a success, the NFL said it will stream three more games next season from Wembley Stadium.

Report: Verizon enables full streaming of DVR content outside the home

Verizon is releasing an upgraded mobile app that enables streaming of all DVR content outside the home, reports media tech blogger David Zatz.

DisneyLife launches in the UK, goes head-to-head with Netflix

Disney has launched its SVOD platform, DisneyLife, right on its announced schedule in the UK.