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Latest Headlines

Set-top box manufacturers Arris, Cisco, EchoStar struggle to keep up with changing market

The set-top box may be the hub of the pay-TV consumer's living room, but it's clear that a number of factors such as cloud-based platforms and a consolidating industry is taking its toll on the industry segment.

Microsoft to release Xbox STB in 2013

Multiple sources confirmed to  The Verge  last week that Microsoft is building a less expensive alternative to its Xbox console: an Xbox set-top box.

Boxee in faceoff over cable's push to encrypt basic tier

Boxee is gearing up to do battle with big media, again, this time over the encryption of basic tier programming. The company, in its blog, says that cable providers want the basic tier encrypted,

Western Digital's OTT box adds functionality, looks like a winner

Western Digital is stealing a little thunder from competitors like Roku, introducing a new set-top box that allows users to stream Netflix content, browse and add movies to their instant Queue on the

iRevo Multimedia offers PC-HDMI TV interface

iRevo Multimedia--formerly known as Triveni Multimedia--has rolled out a content aggregation and application delivery platform for the PC, CE and STB markets. Its just-announced its iRevo Connect!