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Latest Headlines

zeebox rebrands as Beamly to move beyond second screen into social TV

Conceding that the second screen is only a limited application, zeebox has relaunched itself as Beamly and will now focus on "the art of social television."

True Detective finale swamps HBO GO

HBO got some good news and some bad news last night. The good news is that its "True Detective" series finale starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey was wildly successful. The bad news is that the episode's popularity overwhelmed its HBO GO TV Everywhere service, causing a firestorm on social media.

NBC signs Olympics marketing pact with Facebook

Comcast's NBC Olympics division said Thursday that it will team up with Facebook to drive viewers to its multi-platform coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia next month.

Latin America, Africa, Middle East show IPTV potential; Carriers tune into 100GE, packet optical

If you want to know where there are new IPTV growth opportunities, look no further than Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. While these markets today are relatively small, a Pyramid Research report said that they will be the fastest growing.

Why Pinterest is holding off on a more inclusive API strategy

You can call Pinterest many things--a social networking service, an image database, a haven for digital scrapbookers--but you can't yet call it a platform.

Report: Android users more likely than iOS users to share news articles via apps

Android users are two to three times more likely to share articles with friends than iOS users, according to a recent study from Rumble. The New York-based provider of mobile software for publishers tracked event tags on native iOS and Android apps on both phones and tablets using its platform between May and July.

Twitter, CBS to collaborate on video-based tweets

In a move that could be an end-run around IPTV service providers, content provider CBS will be collaborating with social media player Twitter to sell video-based tweets for 24 CBS brands that reach beyond TV and include the network's online businesses.

Facebook Mobile Games: Will developers 'like' it?

Facebook is all about making friends, but the social media giant may have to prove itself before it makes more connections in the mobile gaming space.

Viggle taps into newly engaged TV audience

For Viggle, it's not about being a rewards app or a social media app or even a way for networks and programmers to track their audiences. President-COO Greg Consiglio explains why and where the company is going in a question-and-answer session with  FierceIPTV  editor Jim Barthold.

Viggle's Consiglio on straddling second screen, social media worlds

It's possible that Viggle will follow the TiVo example and go from a noun to a verb as in, "Did you Viggle that program?" For now, though, President and COO Greg Consiglio is focused on expanding Viggle's profile as a second screen app that is also a social app and a rewards program for broadband-connected pay TV subscribers. Jim Barthold talks with Consiglio about Viggle's value to service providers.