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Hulu hires Warner, Fox veteran Erwich to lead content efforts

Hulu is turning to a broadcast programming veteran to head up its content efforts: CEO Mike Hopkins announced Monday on the company's blog that it hired Craig Erwich as senior vice president and head of content. Erwich will lead content and programming strategy for Hulu and Hulu Plus.

Sony plans original series for PlayStation

Sony Corp. is entering the original series fray, announcing production of a one-hour drama series called "Powers" that will be available for download on its PlayStation 4 console.

How I learned to stop worrying and love Netflix

When I began writing this column in April, I saw trouble ahead for Netflix. The company was still in the process of bouncing back from the Qwikster disaster and I was feeling vindicated for believing I had seen the fiasco coming.

Two popular YouTube series winding down in 2014

Two of the more popular series on YouTube are planning to end their runs in 2014, TubeFilter notes. On Monday, Ray William Johnson, the creator of the hit "=3" tweeted that he plans to end the show this year.

Netflix moves into documentaries with Oscar contender

Netflix announced two new original documentary movies this week, further evidence that its original programming ambitions do not end with serialized TV shows.

Netflix's Sarandos upsets theater owners with same-day streaming pitch

Netflix wants movies to be available online for instant streaming the same day they premiere in movie theaters, an idea that has upset movie theater owners.

Netflix still not interested in live sports, Sarandos says

Last week when reports surfaced that the NFL might be courting online video distributors with a package of Thursday-night games, Netflix quickly attracted attention as a potential buyer for such rights. But the company insists it's not interested in distributing live sports events.

Netflix, Crackle, AOL On target consumers with original streaming content

With the upcoming Netflix release of the fourth season of "Arrested Development" making virtual waves across the Internet, it's worth taking a look at the increased amount of original content being produced, marketed and--in some cases--sold by online video purveyors.

Report: Spotify set to enter streaming video space

The streaming video business is to calling Spotify and, according to sources speaking with  Business Insider, the commercial music streaming service is listening.

Hastings: Competition helping Netflix

Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu Plus, while not exactly close companions, are performing a friendly service for Netflix by helping the relationships the streaming service provider has with studios, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said.