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Latest Headlines

Report: Netflix acknowledges service issues on some ISPs

Netflix traffic on some broadband providers has been sluggish, but in general subscribers can still watch Netflix programming at a lower quality or with some "startup delays" at peak viewing hours, a company spokesman told Th e  Wall Street Journa l this week.

Netflix 4K Ultra HD launch could boost Cablevision, Cox, Suddenlink

Netflix said it plans to add 4K Ultra HD content to its streaming video library next year. The move could have an impact on broadband providers that are members of its Open Connect content delivery network, including Cox Communications, Cablevision and Suddenlink Communications.

Netflix CEO: Company in 'early' talks with Comcast, others on becoming a set-top app

Netflix is in preliminary discussions with cable operators, including Comcast, about becoming an app on the set-top box, according to CEO Reed Hastings. Speaking during the company's third quarter earnings report, Hastings confirmed reports that circulated last week about Netflix working with cable companies, but he noted there are several issues that would need to be resolved first.

Netflix says RCN tops Charter, Verizon, Comcast speeds in Boston

Cable overbuilder RCN is the fastest broadband provider in the Boston area when it comes to the delivery of Netflix video streams, Netflix said Saturday.

Cablevision leads Netflix ISP Index for sixth consecutive month

Netflix said Monday that Cablevision was the fastest large broadband provider in its ISP Speed Index for the sixth consecutive month.

Netflix adds Suddenlink to Open Connect CDN

Suddenlink Communications has joined the Netflix Open Connect content delivery network (CDN), which will allow it to deliver "super HD" movies and 3D content to its cable subscribers, Netflix spokesman Joris Elders told FierceCable Monday.

Time Warner Cable: Netflix closing off content access to some ISPs

Time Warner Cable thinks Netflix is playing on an uneven field when it comes to its Open Connect private CDN, making it difficult for ISPs who do not partner with the streaming video provider to have access to new enhanced content.

Cablevision partners with Netflix to deliver 'super HD' movies and 3D TV shows

Netflix said it is partnering with Cablevision to place storage appliances near its Optimum network, which would allow for the delivery of "super HD" programming and 3D content to Cablevision customers who also subscribe to Netflix.