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Latest Headlines

Online video buffering is declining, but not enough for sports fans

Online video subscribers today may be happy that time spent buffering dropped 12.4 percent, from 39.3 to 26.9 percent, according to a Conviva report. However, sports fans, particularly those who stream live sporting events, continue to grow impatient. Conviva said that "viewing time for live action television plummets from over 40 minutes in HD to just one minute if the viewer encounters buffering."

Will rising content costs, network management drive Netflix to increase its prices?

While no one wants to pay more for online video services, Amazon's recent move to raise its Prime membership to $99 could be just the start. Will Netflix and other subscription video on demand (SVOD) services move to raise their prices as well? Sam Bookman, editor of  FierceOnlineVideo, examines why subscription prices are likely to rise over the next year.  Read more

Jumping into a dynamic year for online video

Anyone who doesn't see 2014 as a year of large-scale changes to the way online video is marketed, packaged and perceived hasn't been paying attention. Cable operators and short-form content providers alike are preparing to take a bite out of the space occupied by Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

NBC's Olympic Games viewing jumps amidst lackluster TV ratings

One of the telling trends that came out of this year's Winter Olympics Sochi Games was that they were the most streamed Olympics ever. A new  FierceOnlineVideo  report examines the online video viewing trends that emerged during the Games. 

Sochi Olympics' U.S.-Russia hockey match generated 1.6 Tbps of online video traffic

The Winter Olympics in Sochi generated more online video streams than any other Olympics in history, reports  FierceOnlineVideo,  citing figures from Akamai. During Sunday's hockey game between the United States and Russia, Akamai said that online video traffic peaked at 1.6 Tbps. At the same time, there was a correlating increase in malicious attack traffic higher than 200 Gbps.

Is Aereo using its capacity issues as a way to lure new subscribers?

Right before the Super Bowl, Aereo reported that it was suffering capacity issues in three markets--New York City, Atlanta and Miami. The question is, can the company use these issues to incite interest and demand from new customers? Josh Wein, editor of  FierceOnlineVideo, examines the possibilities in his latest Editor's Corner. 

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are a multi-device event

It should be no surprise that this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are being streamed to a plethora of devices. FierceOnlineVideo has delved into how viewers are accessing the Games--not just where they're accessing online video but what they're most likely watching it on. For more on how the Winter Games are being streamed, check out this FierceOnlineVideo special report.

Streaming the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics is an Olympic event all its own

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are well under way and it's clear that this year's Olympics are a multi-device event. For the 2014 Sochi Games, all the events are available online, either live or to download, for authenticated users. For more on how the Winter Games are being streamed, check out this FierceOnlineVideo special report.

Chromecast opens its doors, but will more app developers take the bait?

Google is welcoming any app developer to become part of its Chromecast offering if they are willing to meet its terms. How many companies will take advantage of its invitation? Josh Wein, editor of  FierceOnlineVideo, explores Chromecast's app potential in his latest Editor's Corner. 

Verizon touts OTT vision with OnCue deal, but will it become reality?

Verizon's move to purchase Intel's OTT service OnCue is promising in that it could give the incumbent telco another tool to deliver services over both its existing FiOS network and over the top to any device. However, there are questions about just how serious it is about the OTT TV opportunity. Josh Wein, editor of  FierceOnlineVideo, examines the possibilities in his latest Editor's Corner.