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Latest Headlines

Aereo's Supreme Court loss and the fallout: full coverage

Since the Supreme Court's decision in favor of broadcasters stating that its online streaming business violated copyright laws, Aereo has paused its service as it explores options. But Aereo's ultimate fate remains unclear.  FierceCable and FierceOnlineVideo follow the results of this historic decision.

With Aereo offline, how will online video viewers access broadcast TV?

Now that Aereo has suspended its operations as it figures out it next move, online video viewers are left with a gap in their streaming content. How can they access TV shows that they can no longer get via the SVOD provider?

Hulu Plus hits 3M subscriber mark

Hulu announced it will close 2012 with more than 3 million paying Hulu Plus subscribers, a huge coup for the company that also offers a version of the same service, albeit with less content, for free. In a Hulu blog, Jason Kilar, CEO of the company, also announced the company would finish the year with $695 million in revenue, a more than 65 percent increase over 2011.

Disney to discontinue online streaming service

Disney announced Monday it will discontinue its Disney Movies Online service at the end of the year, according to a statement on its site.

CBSSports.com setting the pace for streaming video of live sports... and it's free

It's only 20 minutes up Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard from the University of North Carolina to Duke University, so basketball fans who want to see the last two NCAA Men's Basketball Championship

NBC doubles video coverage of Olympics, still cuts staff

NBCU plans to do more streaming online video with fewer staff during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics later this month. Overall, on its broadcast, digital and cable platforms, the network plans to

Inlet Technologies touts new customers, 140% growth in sales in 2009

Video encoding and live streaming video company Inlet Technologies, lost its CEO and co-founder Neal Page to leukemia during 2009, a blow to any organization. But the company moved forward through

VIDEO: A look at Sony's rumored Qriocity VOD service

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Netflix streaming video for TiVo

Netflix and TiVo announced today that Netflix will begin streaming movies and TV episodes directly to TiVo boxes by the end of 2008. A beta test of the service will go in to effect for select