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Latest Headlines

OTT video partnerships could provide benefits to pay-TV providers

Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX), Hulu and other over the top (OTT) continue to draw the ire of pay-TV and broadband providers alike, but Virgin Media's (Nasdaq: VMED) move to set up a Netflix app on its...

Netflix app comes to Virgin Media-leased TiVo boxes

A Netflix app, long shunned by pay-TV operators, will be available for some Virgin Media subscribers in the U.K. on their operator-leased TiVo boxes, the companies said.

Netflix says Open Connect partner RCN delivers Netflix best in Boston

Netflix's Open Connect partner RCN delivers the best Netflix "experience" of any ISP in the Boston region, Netflix said this week. The ranking could give RCN more marketing fodder as it attempts to lure the back-to-school crowd to its broadband service this fall.

Spacey touts Netflix model

TV studios and networks need to embrace new technology like Netflix, "House of Cards" star Kevin Spacey told TV executives at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.

Can video stand on its own?

For years in retail, DVDs were an effective loss leader. Online, it's not clear how much has changed. So often, video is bundled with other products or wrapped up in other businesses.

New TiVo devices add online video features, DIAL support

TiVo announced a new line of DVRs Tuesday it described as an Apple TV, Roku, Slingbox, Google TV and cable DVR "rolled into one." The new Roamio DVRs, so named for their ability to let owners watch recorded programming outside of the home, will be much pricier than the streaming devices TiVo referenced in its press release.

Netflix licenses Weinstein Company movies for 2016

Netflix said it will be the exclusive distributor of The Weinstein Company movies during their pay-TV window beginning in 2016.

Smartphones, tablets drive interaction with OTT video content

With more smartphone and tablet users leveraging their devices to access over the top (OTT) video services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus to watch TV shows and movies, a growing group of companies are developing second-screen or social TV apps.

Will the second screen become the first screen?

Sit down to watch some TV, and the chances are pretty good you'll also be holding a smartphone or tablet.  There's also a much lower, but growing chance that touch-screen device will be the only screen in front of you. According to a recent survey, one in 10 smartphone owners use the device to watch TV shows through apps such as Netflix  and Hulu Plus.

Online video is looking more and more like cable

When CBS and Time Warner Cable failed to reach a new carriage agreement this month, the dispute did not just affect Time Warner Cable's video subscribers. The cable operator's broadband subscribers also lost access to CBS shows on CBS.com. Episodes like this are quite common in the cable industry, which is what the online video industry increasingly resembles.