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Latest Headlines

Losing a binge-watcher could cost an OTT provider $29, report says

Looks like Netflix has got it right when it asks, "Are you still watching?" after two to three episodes of a single series have streamed. The majority of binge-watchers, 87 percent, can handle viewing just three or fewer shows in one sitting. But keeping those viewers coming back is becoming increasingly important to content providers' bottom lines.

Why Soundcloud's API clampdown should be a familiar tune to app developers by now

App developers are getting understandably upset that they are starting to regularly experience the API equivalent of what one might politely call a "tease."

Netflix confirms launch in Japan this fall; signs content deal with Fuji Media

Subscription video on demand leader Netflix will launch this fall in Japan, about six months after announcing it would bring its service to the country. And in keeping with its model of blending locally produced content with its other internationally licensed movies and TV series, Netflix has signed a deal with Fuji Media Holdings to feature two of its series on the service.

Amazon's HDR play, like 4K, may have limited audience

With 4K off to a stuttering start in the online video space, Amazon is looking to differentiate itself from competitors like Netflix, announcing that some of its original series, including Mozart In The Jungle, will be available in the newly standardized high dynamic range format.

Meerkat, aioTV, and Muvi amongst the top 15 startups in online video

FierceOnlineVideo is taking a look at the 15 hottest emerging players in the online video market in its first annual Fierce 15 feature. According to Sam Bookman, editor of FierceOnlineVideo, the pool of innovators in this industry segment contributing to the IP video ecosystem continues to grow. Perhaps not surprisingly, that made the job of choosing 15 compelling startups a challenge.

Netflix board approves 7-to-1 stock split as shares jump to near $700

Update: After weeks of rumors that it would do so, Netflix's board has approved a seven-for-one stock split. The move, according to The Wall Street Journal, could generate renewed interest in the SVOD provider's stock price, driving up the newly split shares' value more quickly.

Telus says Netflix, video services are driving more broadband usage

Telus is not afraid of Netflix eating away at its growing Optik IPTV business, but rather sees it as a complement and a way to drive further broadband growth.

Alibaba to launch SVOD service in China's competitive, $6B OTT market

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., the global counterpart to e-tail giant Amazon, is adding subscription video on demand to its expansive fold, with plans to launch Tmall Box Office (TBO) in China within two months.

Netflix gets a thank-you from Liberty Global CEO

If Liberty Global's Mike Fries were to do the "Thank You" note-writing schtick that Jimmy Fallon does weekly on The Tonight Show, his first riff would begin, "Thank you, Netflix, for showing me how to compete with you." That's essentially what the cable giant's president and CEO said during a panel at ANGA Com this week.

The collapse of linear TV in the face of Netflix and Hulu: What happens next?

FierceCable  examines the collapse of linear TV, as the cable industry looks to video-on-demand and TV Everywhere to counter over-the-top players.  Special report