Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Netflix boosts resolution for non-Open Connect customers

Netflix customers with top-of-the-line HD sets can now get access to 1080p high-definition streaming video even if their ISP doesn't participate in the company's content delivery network, Open Connect.

Acting Hulu CEO sees potential ad-free service

At some point, Hulu could offer an ad-free online video service that asks subscribers to pay a premium to avoid commercials, Hulu's acting CEO Andy Forssell told investors at Goldman Sachs' annual Communacopia conference last week.

Will Hulu's owners give it more control over its own programs?

Netflix may have set a precedent in the online video world with the debut of its own shows such as reviving the "Arrested Development" series and new shows like "Orange is the New Black," but will others like Hulu, which is now owned by Disney, Fox and Comcast follow the same path?

Why Hulu will never outbid TV networks for original shows

Netflix blazed a trail in online video this year with its aggressive original programming strategy.  It's a strategy others will probably adopt. But I wonder how free Hulu will be to bid on new shows.

Online video 'aggregators' are here to stay, TiVo's CEO says

Online-video aggregators such as Hulu and Netflix are "here to stay" and will increasingly be offered by traditional pay-TV operators alongside those operators' own services, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers told investors at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference Tuesday.

Netflix dominates streaming market, says Nielsen; SaaS content security ramps up

While there are a number of options for consumers to get streaming video, a new Nielsen study illustrates that Netflix is the dominant provider. A survey revealed that 38 percent of Americans said they use Netflix, while 18 percent use Hulu and 13 percent stream on Amazon.

Hulu licenses BBC shows

More British TV shows are coming to Hulu Plus. The online video site struck a deal with BBC Worldwide North America involving non-exclusive rights to some 144 titles, the  Wall Street Journal  reported.

Netflix to boost spending on originals, updates 'Long Term View'

Netflix might increase the amount of money it spends on original series more than expected.

Lionsgate's Packer says online video distributors are stingy with viewing data

Getting an accurate picture of how popular TV shows are on digital platforms like Netflix is a challenge because the companies which have the data are not eager to share it, James Packer, Lionsgate's president of worldwide television and digital distribution, said at the Next TV Summit here Wednesday.

Netflix expands into the Netherlands

Netflix introduced its service in the Netherlands Wednesday, checking another country off its list of international expansion plans.