Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Netflix said to target Germany, France for European expansion

Netflix has reportedly been seeking the rights to stream popular TV shows and movies in Germany and France, as well as in other European countries.

To cut the cord or not: Is OTT ready for prime time?

Viewers are hopping over to online video and cutting the cord in increasing numbers. Will broadcasters and cable operators be able to lure them back?

Netflix may move to tiered pricing

Netflix said it may soon adopt a new pricing model that will  provide different tiers of service at different price points. 

Focus on Netflix's subscribers, net neutrality ahead of company's earnings

Netflix investors are focused on learning the number of U.S. subscribers the company added in the fourth quarter and how many more subscribers the company's management thinks it can add before April.

Netflix renews "Lilyhammer," orders "Marco Polo"

Netflix announced two deals this week to keep its original programming lineup stocked.

OTT and 4K: Vaporware and a field of dreams

Headlines from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are heralding the arrival this year of two would-be milestones in online video: a full-fledged online pay-TV service and streaming 4K.

Online video companies talk up 4K at CES

TV and online video executives hoping to prime the market for 4K TV sets and content talked up the benefits of both this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Sony to start testing online TV service this year

Sony released a few new details about its planned over-the-top video service at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Netflix holds upper hand over Hulu, other online video competitors

Netflix continues to face competition from a number of online video players including Amazon, Hulu, and Microsoft. However, a growing lineup of original programs have helped the provider differentiate itself from its competition and regain lost share value after last year's Qwikster debacle.

Netflix loses nearly 100 programs as year-end licensing expires

The end of the year often brings the end of certain licensing arrangements. For Netflix, one enterprising Reddit user put together a comprehensive list of movies and TV shows that were set to expire from the company's streaming video catalog Jan. 1, 2014.