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Latest Headlines

Netflix's Sarandos upsets theater owners with same-day streaming pitch

Netflix wants movies to be available online for instant streaming the same day they premiere in movie theaters, an idea that has upset movie theater owners.

Netflix sees long-term international growth opportunities

Netflix is riding a positive wave as its stock opened at $389.16 per share on Tuesday following its Q3 earnings report, but can it maintain that momentum?

How big can Netflix get?

How big can Netflix get? Tuesday morning brought one answer to that question: $389.16 per share. The stock opened at that all-time high a day after the company reported its Q3 earnings, before shedding about 9 percent throughout the day.

Netflix still not interested in live sports, Sarandos says

Last week when reports surfaced that the NFL might be courting online video distributors with a package of Thursday-night games, Netflix quickly attracted attention as a potential buyer for such rights. But the company insists it's not interested in distributing live sports events.

Netflix makes headway with cable, but true integration is a long way off

Netflix may have been traditionally been one of cable operators' marked enemies, but through its partnership with TiVo it recently secured deals to carry its app over both Com Hem in Sweden and Virgin Media in the U.K.

Netflix makes its next exclusive bet

Netflix has made its next bet on exclusive programming. The company said it ordered 13 episodes of a new TV series from Sony Pictures Television and the team that created the show "Damages." The move is Netflix's latest in commissioning exclusive, first-run TV programming and follows a string of recent successes with "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black."

Netflix, the cable box and the cable bill

Netflix might be coming soon to your cable box. With the help of TiVo, the company has reached two groundbreaking agreements with cable operators overseas, and Netflix has already suggested those deals could serve as a foundation to build on domestically. But true integration between cable operators and Netflix is probably a long way off.

NFL reportedly shopping more Thursday night games to online video distributors

The NFL may explore the possibility of letting an online video distributor carry a new slate of Thursday night games, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Nokia hopes Netflix promo and other deals will jolt Lumia sales

Nokia is hoping a promotion to bundle free Netflix service with its Lumia smartphones in the UK, along with other promotions and deals, will help boost sales of its smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Phone software.

Netflix seeks to tap final frontier of U.S. devices: the cable box

For years, the cable boxes leased by operators like Comcast and others have been off limits for Netflix. Now reports suggest that could change.