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Latest Headlines

Netflix CEO: Streaming video to all devices

Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings elaborated on the company's streaming video ambitions in an interview with Reuters in which he said he wants to put the Netflix Watch Instantly service on all broadband

News In Brief: MySpace, Google, Netflix, Twitter, Microsoft, China Telecom

MySpace is working with Hulu for a major revamp of its video offering, CNET reports. Hulu, which is jointly owned by MySpace parent News Corp in a JV with NBC Universal and Disne

Blockbuster partners with MSOs for video on-demand

Video store chain Blockbuster, which has made a tepid entry into the online video market, is diversifying its business model by partnering with two cable MSOs to brand their video offerings under the

NetGear releases OTT online video player

Netgear, a networking equipment manufacturer, launched a new OTT video solution Tuesday that will take on devices like VUDU and Roku and software programs such as Boxee, according to the company. The

Much ado about not very much in OTT video

Over-the-top video provision started gaining lots of steam and buzz late in 2008, as boxes that once had sparse content offerings and limited distribution started racking up deals to broaden both

Netflix posts solid Q2 earnings

Netflix reported continued strong subscriber growth, as it said it added 1.9 million gross subscribers and crossed the 10 million total subscriber mark in the second quarter. The company reported net

Making sense of online video market projections

Two new reports on the online video sector's revenues were released this week, and as usual, it's a process trying to figure out exactly what the individual implications of each one are, as well as

Blockbuster to embed on Samsung devices: too little, too late?

Blockbuster announced a partnership to place Blockbuster OnDemand on Samsung broadband-capable HDTVs and Blu-Ray players later this year. It's about time Blockbuster began to line up device

Netflix and Sony announce partnership

Netflix has forged a partnership to deliver streaming video content directly to Sony HDTVs, another move that increases the reach of Netflix's streaming content service, according to The Business

Lowenstein: A more personalized app store, page 2

(Continued from the previous page) We can learn from some other corners of the digital universe--Pandora, Amazon and Netflix to name a few. This can start with the little things--launch a typical