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Latest Headlines

NAB 2009- Adobe ramps up push to bring Flash to set-top boxes, HDTVs

LAS VEGAS- Adobe announced Monday it will integrate its Flash video technology into set-top boxes and broadband-enabled HDTVs, with product launches beginning in the second half of 2009. Bringing

Blockbuster "going concern risk," Netflix waits in wings

Blockbuster announced Tuesday that it expects its auditors to list it as a going concern risk until it meets conditions for refinancing of a $350 million credit facility with J.P. Morgan and others

Blockbuster content available on TiVo in Q2

In another move to bring its lagging brick-and-mortar business into the digital age, Blockbuster announced Wednesday that a selection of its library of movies will be available on broadband-connected

Netflix addresses customer complaints over streaming service

Over the weekend, Netflix repsonded to blog posts and forum discussions about apparent service issues with its streaming video offering. Neil Hunt, chief product officer for the company, said the way

Netflix in no rush to launch streaming-only subs

It's time to calm down a little about Netflix's possible streaming-only subscription service. Reports about Netflix rolling out this option abounded after CEO Reed Hastings said the company's Watch

Vudu slashes prices for video-on-demand boxes

Vudu, under stiff pressure from Netflix's popular "Watch Instantly" streaming video service, has cut the price of its BX 100 set-top video delivery box in half, from $295 to $149. Vudu also cut the

Netflix-Xbox streaming app reaches 1M downloads

Netflix is getting good penetration for its streaming video service on the Xbox 360 gaming console. The company said 1 million Xbox 360 users have downloaded and activated the Netflix streaming

Netflix and the online video economy

The strong profit, revenue and subscriber growth Netflix announced Monday are encouraging indicators for the online video economy. Not only was the ramp-up of its streaming video service a sign of

Netflix sees streaming video service take off

Netflix is seeing the benefits of its industry-leading over-the-top streaming video delivery service. For Q4 2008, Netflix had revenues of $359.6 million, up 19 percent year-over-year, and it added

Blockbuster to stream online videos to PC with CinemaNow

Blockbuster continued its efforts to battle Netflix for supremacy in home movie delivery, as it announced it will co-brand San Francisco-based CinemaNow's Internet movie delivery service. This major