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Finally, Boxee Box users have access to Netflix

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen has been waiting months for Netflix to allow his company to make the hugely popular movie streaming service available on the Boxee Box. This week, more than three months after

Report: Blockbuster reorganization a bust, so firm now desperately seeks buyers

Video-rental company Blockbuster, which has been struggling to craft a strategy to emerge from bankruptcy for months, reportedly has decided to put itself up for sale after creditors balked at

Boxee Box deal for Netflix app remains unresolved as users grow irritated

Woe unto the Boxee Box. Although users of Boxee's online version, which is accessable from desktop and laptop computers, can get Netflix service, it's still not available to owners of the Boxee Box.

Netflix: More viewing hours for Apple TV than iPad; Web TV a 'big growth category'

Apple may have only sold a million of its Apple TV units in 2010, but they're proving to be very popular with Netflix fans. In fact, the company said in its earnings letter to investors today, the

Netflix forecast: 23.7 million subscribers by end of 1Q2011; revenues to $717 million

Netflix, which today reported it had reached 20.01 million subscribers and revenues of $596 million in Q4, said it expects to add as many as 2.8 million more subscribers in 1Q2011 in the United

Netflix Q4 earnings: 20 million subscribers; revenue of $596 million

Netflix today announced it had added 3.08 million subscribers in the fourth quarter, a 166 percent year-over-year change, to take its total to 20.01 million. The company, in a letter to shareholders

HBO: Netflix would have to charge $20 to stream our content. Yawn

Oh, that Jeff Bewkes, he's such a kidder. The Time Warner CEO has had a bug in his ear about Netfix for months (years) and his open hostility toward the alternative video delivery service is

Bankrupt Blockbuster seeks more cash, time for restructuring

Woe unto Blockbuster Video. The struggling video chain is asking its bondholders to pony up some more cash, in the neighborhood of $200 miliion to $250 million, to help it kick start its business

Kiosk DVD rentals outperform video stores for first time ever

Video stores continued to take a hit in 2010, as consumers rented more DVDs from kiosks like Redbox than from stores for the first time ever in 3Q2010. Kiosks saw a 10 percent jump in market share to

Sonic Solutions' Mark Ely: It's going to be an interesting year

with Mark Ely, Sonic Solutions' president for strategy Sonic Solutions has had a busy year, launching a movie platform for Sears, gobbling up SoC deals (where they now have 95 percent penetration),