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What's in store for Online Video in 2011?

Someday, in the not too distant future, you may start a conversation with a friend like this: "Remember when you could get a ‘classic' movie on DVD?" That's because, unless you're a really

Vizio plans summer launch of tablet, phone, VOD service

Vizio is planning to launch a low-cost Android-based tablet and a mobile phone this summer that will be able to access a soon-to-be launched video download service, Vizio on Demand, which will allow

2010 Year in Review: Online video--the genie is out of the bottle

The top 5 stories of 2010 in online video? How about the Top 20? The online video industry was abuzz in 2010, with everything from new devices to content deals to new technology--and fights over

2010 Year in Review: The iPad makes online video cool, opened up a 4th screen

When Apple's iPad hit the shelves in April, it already had been one of the most-written-about devices ever launched. Commentators who hadn't seen one raved about what it could do, those that had seen

2010 Year in Review: Streaming content comes to the living room

It's the Holy Grail of online video: getting content from the web to the living room. With plenty of devices in place that are able to do just that, the focus has turned--belatedly--to content.

Level 3 wants conditions placed on Comcast-NBC merger

In the latest round of Level 3's (Nasdaq: LVLT) fight with cable giant Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA), the backbone provider now wants the Department of Justice and the FCC to put a provision in Comcast's

Streaming video sales to hit $6.3 billion by 2014 as DVD market plunge continues

Ding-dong the DVD is dead. Or at least withering on the vine, says a new report from In-Stat, which predicts sales of video entertainment on the once-ubiquitous physical storage media will see

Boxee Box gets new firmware, but still no Hulu Plus or Netflix

One month after being rolled out to the public, D-Link's OTT solution, the Boxee Box, remains without Hulu or Netflix, despite hopes that one, or both would have been added to the $200 set top box.

OTT, Netflix get starring role, as anti-heroes, at UBS investor conference

CBS chief executive Les Moonves has been nothing if not consistent about his lukewarm support for online video initiatives, especially those that he sees as undervaluing the network's content. So, it

Netflix scores broad content deal with Disney-ABC for early streaming dates

Amid all the recent hand-wringing about the decline and fall of the Netflix Empire--with Wall Street worried about its new streaming model and competitors threatening to increase the cost of its