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Latest Headlines

Netflix adds iPad app to Apple's App Store

Netflix subscribers will be able to stream movies to Apple's iPad when the tablet hits the streets Saturday. The company today announced it had made a free Netflix App available on the App Store that

Netflix streaming business strong enough to offset mail service cuts; iPad app soon?

Netflix has seen strong growth in its streaming video business, enough so that even should the U.S. Postal Service decide to end Saturday mail delivery, it likely would be able to more than make up

Netflix sending out discs for streaming to Wii

Netflix today said it had started sending out instant streaming discs to some of its subscribers who use Nintendo's Wii gaming console, formally saying on its blog that it was in the "final phase of

Netflix clears up 1080p report, says no plans to upgrade in 2010

Netflix, which was reported by some industry wags to be launching limited 1080p hi-def streaming service sometime this year, is now saying it'll stick with 720, but will offer 5.1 surround sound. As

Report: 1080p HD coming to Netflix soon

Movie downloading service Netflix will be offering subscribers an upgrade to 1080p hi-def quality and 5.1 surround sound on some of the movies available on its instant streaming service, CNET

Netflix sees 36% bump in profits for Q4

Netflix, whose stock reach a 52-week high earlier this week, topped analysts forecasts for its fourth-quarter earnings, scoring a 36 percent boost in profits and sending the stock price scooting more

Roku seeks $30M funding, cuts STB price, weighs IPO

Set-top box maker Roku is planning to raise $30 million this quarter to expand its engineering and marketing as the push for OTT delivery heats up with Xbox, Sony and Nintendoh all increasing their

At last, Nintendo's Wii gets Netflix

Netflix today put an end to months of speculation and hand wringing, announcing it would be available on Nintendo's Wii gaming console. The New York Times reports that the industry's top gaming

Netflix hooking up with Nintendo? Soon

The days of Netflix offering a full catalog of movies through its streaming service isn't too far off, CEO Reed Hastings said during an event at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but for

Will the Netflix deal help spur PS3 sales for Sony? Can it help Nintendo's fading Wii?

Nintendo’s Wii continues to feel the hard edge of a slow consumer economy, seeing its sales continue to lag despite a 20 percent price cut to $200 per unit. It’s the eighth consecutive