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Latest Headlines

Netflix-Xbox streaming app reaches 1M downloads

Netflix is getting good penetration for its streaming video service on the Xbox 360 gaming console. The company said 1 million Xbox 360 users have downloaded and activated the Netflix streaming

Netflix and the online video economy

The strong profit, revenue and subscriber growth Netflix announced Monday are encouraging indicators for the online video economy. Not only was the ramp-up of its streaming video service a sign of

Netflix sees streaming video service take off

Netflix is seeing the benefits of its industry-leading over-the-top streaming video delivery service. For Q4 2008, Netflix had revenues of $359.6 million, up 19 percent year-over-year, and it added

Blockbuster to stream online videos to PC with CinemaNow

Blockbuster continued its efforts to battle Netflix for supremacy in home movie delivery, as it announced it will co-brand San Francisco-based CinemaNow's Internet movie delivery service. This major

SLIDESHOW: CES 2009- Connected BluRay players and TVs, plus Sezmi

Connectivity is being embedded in living room devices with startling rapidity. Blu-Ray players are being enabled to act as over-the-top streaming platforms for on-demand movies from companies such as

Broadband TV faces barriers to adoption

News from CES started pouring onto the wires Monday, and a lot of the announcements relevant to online video were related to delivery of content to the living room. Samsung, LG, Intel, Adobe,

Yahoo! to bring web widgets, video to Samsung HDTVs

Samsung Electronics and Yahoo! announced a new web-based service that will bring the Yahoo Widget application platform to Samsung HDTVs as early as spring 2009. It was the third announcement of a

Netflix to stream directly to LG HDTVs

Netflix continues its aggressive play to bring videos directly to the living room Monday, as it announced a partnership with LG that will make its on-demand streaming movie service available on LG

2008 Year in Review: OTT video delivery takes center-stage

2008 may be remembered as the tipping point in the delivery of online video content to the living room. Several companies made great strides in their capabilities to deliver content to set-top boxes

2008 Year in Review: Layoffs hit online video industry

The final two quarters of 2008 saw unprecedented drops in financial markets, followed by cutbacks by companies across the country. Unfortunately, the online video ecosystem was not spared.