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Latest Headlines

Blockbuster streams video to the TV

Blockbuster announced its into the internet delivery of movies to living room set-top boxes Tuesday. The offering, "Blockbuster on Demand," will require users to purchase a set-top box made by 2Wire

Will online video and TV eventually merge?

Since TelcoTV is this week, set-top/online video convergence is worth discussing. By the way, Dan O'Shea is providing some interesting coverage on the keynotes and major announcements at our sister

Netflix streaming video for TiVo

Netflix and TiVo announced today that Netflix will begin streaming movies and TV episodes directly to TiVo boxes by the end of 2008. A beta test of the service will go in to effect for select

Netflix instant streaming comes to Mac

Netflix announced Monday it is using Microsoft's Silverlight online video platform to bring its instant streaming movie service to subscribers using Apple Macintosh computers. The service has been

Netflix and Starz make a deal

Netflix and Liberty Media's Starz announced Wednesday that more than 1,000 Starz movies will be available for real-time streaming on Netflix's site. It's a big step for Starz, which, up to this

Net Neutrality, Big Glass Rooms and DVRing

A lot of companies are betting on 1) a significant number of consumers with a lot of bandwidth and 2) the ability to either have or negotiate some sort of quality of service for said service. Crazy?

Sparse Pickings for Networked TV Audience

After a flurry of announcements from Microsoft, Netflix, TiVo, and others touting how their various devices can deliver content to the living room TV, Streamingmedia.com EVP Dan Rayburn crunches the

SPOTLIGHT: Battle for the TV

There's a war over who will supply online video to the home TV starting to build, with three major players and lots of others wanting to buy in says GigaOm. Amazon, Apple, and Netflix are named as

Amazon Joins the Instant-on VOD Club

Amazon.com has announced a new online store for TV shows and movies, joining Netflix in the battle of instant-on video gratification. The new store will have 40,000 movies and TV programs available

SPOTLIGHT: More content for Netflix box, more boxes for service.

Netflix is getting more content partners lined up, says News.com. While execs aren't saying, YouTube and Hulu could be potential partners for Netflix "Watch it Now" streaming service. Rumors also say