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Latest Headlines

Blockbuster CEO rips Netflix's 'older' offerings as his company sinks

How do you save a struggling franchise that's having its lunch eaten by its competitor? If you're Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes, you take the fight public and talk about the shortcomings of your main

Netflix launches full streaming to Wii

Today's the "official" kick off for Netflix's offering instant streaming to the Wii, with instant streaming discs for the Wii being sent out to any Netflix member who wants one (up until now, Netflix

Netflix's new deal with 20th Century Fox, Universal can't shake vile 28-day delay for streaming video

Netflix announced today that it had re-upped Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Studios Home Entertainment, meaning it'll be able to keep sending out DVDs by mail and streamingvideo to your PC,

Netflix's iPad app: Unlimited streaming over AT&T's 3G network

Netflix said its new movie and TV streaming application for Apple's iPad will work over AT&T Mobility's 3G cellular network. Separately, AT&T confirmed a Gearlog report that its

Surprise: 3G-enabled iPad unlimited AT&T data plan is truly unlimited

AT&T made a surprising revelation. When it comes to the $30 per month unlimited data plan for the upcoming 3G/WiFi version of the Apple iPad, there will be no typical 5GB cap on data usage.

Is RedBox looking to battle Netflix in streaming video business?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall for the DVD rental business (Blockbuster are you listening?), which has seemingly begun its long, slow, glide into irrelevancy. And

iPad sales renew questions about AT&T's 3G readiness

Surf the wireless news sites, and you'll see a host of folks going ga-ga over the new iPad, which went on sale on Saturday (Apple said it sold 300,000 iPads on Saturday). That is a far cry from late

Netflix coming to iPad

Video may be gearing up to become the killer app on Apple's new iPad. Movie rental and video streaming service provider Netflix is expected to introduce a free application for the device, enabling

Netflix adds iPad app to Apple's App Store

Netflix subscribers will be able to stream movies to Apple's iPad when the tablet hits the streets Saturday. The company today announced it had made a free Netflix App available on the App Store that

Netflix streaming business strong enough to offset mail service cuts; iPad app soon?

Netflix has seen strong growth in its streaming video business, enough so that even should the U.S. Postal Service decide to end Saturday mail delivery, it likely would be able to more than make up