Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Netflix board approves 7-to-1 stock split as shares jump to near $700

Update: After weeks of rumors that it would do so, Netflix's board has approved a seven-for-one stock split. The move, according to The Wall Street Journal, could generate renewed interest in the SVOD provider's stock price, driving up the newly split shares' value more quickly.

Telus says Netflix, video services are driving more broadband usage

Telus is not afraid of Netflix eating away at its growing Optik IPTV business, but rather sees it as a complement and a way to drive further broadband growth.

Alibaba to launch SVOD service in China's competitive, $6B OTT market

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., the global counterpart to e-tail giant Amazon, is adding subscription video on demand to its expansive fold, with plans to launch Tmall Box Office (TBO) in China within two months.

Netflix gets a thank-you from Liberty Global CEO

If Liberty Global's Mike Fries were to do the "Thank You" note-writing schtick that Jimmy Fallon does weekly on The Tonight Show, his first riff would begin, "Thank you, Netflix, for showing me how to compete with you." That's essentially what the cable giant's president and CEO said during a panel at ANGA Com this week.

The collapse of linear TV in the face of Netflix and Hulu: What happens next?

FierceCable  examines the collapse of linear TV, as the cable industry looks to video-on-demand and TV Everywhere to counter over-the-top players.  Special report

Pay-TV providers battle the OTT trend with VOD and TV Everywhere services

As pay-TV providers see their bread-and-butter broadcast video revenues continue to decline due to competition from over-the-top services from Netflix and other online players, they are equipping themselves with a number of new weapons in their VOD and TV Everywhere arsenals.

OTT distribution, licensing deals behind TV ratings' 'new math'

Broadcast TV networks not named ABC suffered a bit of a ratings hit as the NBA Finals swung into gear, with Game 1 stealing views away from NBC and CBS. But a poor broadcast showing may no longer be the kiss of death for struggling new series.

Netflix confirms it's testing ads on original content--but don't panic

Subscription video on demand provider Netflix is "publicly testing ads" that run before and after its own original series like Daredevil. But don't get your panties in a bunch just yet: the provider says it still has no plans to run third-party ads on its service.

New Netflix user interface to roll out in June

Rumors have been swirling since January, but Netflix finally confirmed this week that it will launch a redesigned user interface for its SVOD service in June, in line with its recent earnings-call promise to do so in the second half of 2015. But why all the hullaballoo over what seems like, on the surface, a few minor changes to how the menu looks?

Hulu is a 'viable competitor' to Netflix, analyst says

Despite its consistent position at the bottom of the top three SVOD providers in the U.S., Hulu may not stay there for long. As networks look for new ways to compete in the over-the-top space, Hulu may be part of their strategic options--and thanks to a slew of exclusive content deals, may already be stealing eyeballs from Netflix and Amazon.