Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Netflix buys final season of 'The Killing'

Fans of the TV show "The Killing" will get to see the series conclusion thanks to Netflix. The company said it ordered a six-episode final season of the show, which had been canceled for the second time by the AMC network.

Netflix overhauling its TV user interface

Netflix began rolling out a new user interface for viewers who use its service on TV sets Wednesday morning.

Disney bringing some Marvel franchises to Netflix

Disney and Netflix are betting that some lesser-known Marvel comic-book characters will play well together online. The companies said Thursday that Disney's Marvel TV and ABC TV Studios units will produce four original live-action series for Netflix culminating in a "miniseries programming event."

Netflix testing 4K video streaming

For a while, Netflix has held that streaming providers will lead the way in delivering higher-resolution services like 4K and Ultra HD. The company is apparently so convinced it has added a handful of test videos to its service.

Online video data won't predict hits, executives say

One of the promises of online video is the huge amount of data points generated every time someone watches a video. User and usage data can help set strategies and goals, but they won't write scripts or predict what content will take off, industry executives said at the Broadband TV conference in Hollywood Tuesday.

Netflix moves into documentaries with Oscar contender

Netflix announced two new original documentary movies this week, further evidence that its original programming ambitions do not end with serialized TV shows.

Netflix gets 'Dexter' from CBS

Netflix said it has licensed the entire series of "Dexter" from CBS. The first four seasons will be available beginning Oct. 31 and the remaining four will hit Netflix on Jan. 1, 2014.

Netflix's Sarandos upsets theater owners with same-day streaming pitch

Netflix wants movies to be available online for instant streaming the same day they premiere in movie theaters, an idea that has upset movie theater owners.

Netflix sees long-term international growth opportunities

Netflix is riding a positive wave as its stock opened at $389.16 per share on Tuesday following its Q3 earnings report, but can it maintain that momentum?

How big can Netflix get?

How big can Netflix get? Tuesday morning brought one answer to that question: $389.16 per share. The stock opened at that all-time high a day after the company reported its Q3 earnings, before shedding about 9 percent throughout the day.