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Latest Headlines

Roku 3 boxes finally get YouTube app

Owners of some Roku boxes in certain countries are finally able to access YouTube through the device. Roku said a YouTube channel is now available for its flagship Roku 3 streaming box.

Netflix offers rare peek at its users' viewing habits

Netflix has been notoriously tight lipped about the way its subscribers use the service--so much so that the companies who make the shows people watch on Netflix sometimes complain about the lack of information they get back about viewing. So it is notable that the online video provider talked up some of its subscribers' habits this week.

Verizon, content providers take CDN matters into their own hands

Verizon's move to purchase EdgeCast, a content delivery network based in Santa Monica, Calif., is another sign that traditional service providers want more control over how video content gets delivered to their customers.

Aspera, EVS, and Nevion drive video transport market

Netflix and You Tube may continue to drive up Internet bandwidth usage in the United States, but a number of companies such as Aspera, EVS, and Nevion are working behind the scenes to make sure video content is transported efficiently.

Content and broadband providers put the squeeze on CDNs

CDNs look like they're getting squeezed. On one side, broadband providers are building their own CDN capabilities or acquiring CDNs outright. On the other, the biggest content providers are deploying their own CDN-like infrastructure.

Netflix to stagger "Turbo" episodes

When new episodes of Netflix's series from DreamWorks Animation "Turbo FAST" premiere later this month, viewers won't find the entire season.

How Netflix, Amazon, Roku and others are positioning for the holiday shopping season

How are the nation's online video equipment and service providers taking advantage of the holiday buying season? Providers like Amazon and Netflix are hoping to garner new subscribers to their offerings, while device vendors like Roku and Apple are using the season to increase sales of their streaming video devices. Special Report

Amazon, Hulu, and Roku ramp up their holiday promotions

As retailers gear up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, online video providers are getting in on the action with a series of new marketing campaigns to lure more viewers or to buy their online video wares.

TiVo CEO says company can help cable go over-the-top

TiVo's set-top box software could be used to help the company's cable-operator partners offer new over-the-top services, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers told analysts Tuesday. 

TV Everywhere's game of catch-up

TV Everywhere may finally be starting to get somewhere. The pay-TV industry has tried for years to get its streaming video act together. The goal, expressed by executives from Time Warner and Comcast in 2009, is to let paying subscribers access the shows they get through their cable, satellite or telco TV subscription on Web-connected devices like iPads and smartphones.