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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Broadcaster-requested injunction against Aereokiller could hurt Aereo

Broadcasters asked a federal judge in Washington, D.C., to block Alki David's Aereokiller service from operating there. The move could hurt Aereo, the Barry Diller- backed service which allows customers to lease small, remote TV antennas and DVRs to watch over-the-air TV shows online.

LIN TV threatens to pull ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox stations from Time Warner Cable

LIN TV began warning Time Warner Cable subscribers in 14 markets Wednesday that they will lose the feeds for stations carrying ABC, NBC, Fox and NBC on May 31 unless the MSO agrees to cough up increased retransmission-consent fees.

Hulu said to attract pay-TV distributors

More potential bidders have emerged for Hulu, and incumbent pay-TV distributors are now said to be among those interested in the online video company.

Why ABC needs cable to deliver hyper-targeted ads through Watch ABC app

Word that ABC would stream live programming to the iPad left me thinking about a demo SeaChange and Tellabs ran at The Cable Show convention last year. The demo showed how programmers could use Web browsing data stored on the iPad to deliver targeted ads in live video.

Dish Network: Hopper will reduce churn rates

While Dish Network reported increased subscriber churn in the first quarter, executives told analysts Thursday that they expect its new Hopper DVR will help it improve retention and drive increased revenue from homes that take the product.

A sale would mean the end of Hulu as we know it

Reports continue to surface that new parties are evaluating Hulu as a potential acquisition target. Yahoo is the latest corporate name to come up in Hulu's reported sale discussions.

Nielsen adds broadband-only homes to TV universe

Nielsen said Tuesday that it will include homes that can only receive video programming through a broadband Internet connection in its 2014 estimate of the U.S. TV household universe, which will expand by 1.2 percent to 115.6 million.

My experience as a Nielsen participant

Years ago, soon after I began writing about the TV business, I investigated how I could find one of the households that Nielsen uses to generate its ratings reports. I never found a Nielsen household, but this February, the next best thing happened: A Nielsen representative called me and asked if I'd be willing to participate in a ratings survey.

Tracking the top 10 worst programming disputes of all time

When cable networks and distributors fail to agree on terms for a new contract, it often comes down to who can endure the most pain from a blackout that could leave subscribers without their favorite shows. Using the threat of a blackout has become a key negotiating tactic for both programmers and distributors, and PR strategy is now as essential as a skilled affiliate sales team.

Dish Network CEO Clayton rips broadcasters while accepting award at CEA dinner

WASHINGTON-- Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton touted the innovation of the company's Hopper DVR while criticizing the broadcasters that have protested its ad-skipping technology. Clayton made these comments while accepting an award from the Consumer Electronics Association here Wednesday night.