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Latest Headlines

Kagan: Retrans fees to hit $7.6B by 2019

Pay TV distributors will have to shell out $7.6 billion to local broadcasters to package their stations in basic cable programming packages, SNL Kagan said in a report released Friday.

NBCU to distribute 124 hours of Winter Olympics programming on cable

Comcast subsidiary NBCUniversal said Monday that it'll distribute 124 hours of 2014 Winter Olympics programming on cable networks CNBC, MSNBC and USA Network.

Aereo can't be compared to Cablevision DVR, broadcasters tell Supreme Court

In an attempt to force Aereo to shutter its local TV platform, Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS filed a petition at the U.S. Supreme Court Friday in which they argue copyright laws that have allowed Cablevision to launch its network DVR don't protect Aereo's platform.

Time Warner/CBS battle could set pattern for future retrans deals

Time Warner Cable's current standoff with CBS over retransmission fees is being closely watched by other TV distributors such as NBC, ABC and Fox and could ultimately set the standard for future negotiations.

Can Darth Vader rein in programming costs? Why Charter wants to be bigger than Comcast

Charter CEO Tom Rutledge offered a subtle hint Tuesday about how Liberty Media chairman John Malone may be able to help him hammer major programmers like CBS Corp. and Walt Disney Co. if he succeeds in turning Charter into a bigger MSO than Comcast.

Time Warner Cable may lose Journal Broadcast stations in California, Wisconsin, Nebraska

Journal Broadcast Group is beginning to warn Time Warner Cable subscribers in California, Wisconsin and Nebraska that they may lose TV stations affiliated with CBS and NBC unless the MSO agrees to pay increased retransmission-consent fees before its contract expires on June 30.

The Cable Show: Consumers want a seamless multiscreen experience

This week, I attended my first trade show, the NCTA Cable Show, in Washington, D.C. Among all the products, vendors, solutions providers and cable networks, one common theme stood out to me: the importance of a seamlessly integrated multiscreen experience.

UPDATED: Broadcaster-requested injunction against Aereokiller could hurt Aereo

Broadcasters asked a federal judge in Washington, D.C., to block Alki David's Aereokiller service from operating there. The move could hurt Aereo, the Barry Diller- backed service which allows customers to lease small, remote TV antennas and DVRs to watch over-the-air TV shows online.

LIN TV threatens to pull ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox stations from Time Warner Cable

LIN TV began warning Time Warner Cable subscribers in 14 markets Wednesday that they will lose the feeds for stations carrying ABC, NBC, Fox and NBC on May 31 unless the MSO agrees to cough up increased retransmission-consent fees.

Hulu said to attract pay-TV distributors

More potential bidders have emerged for Hulu, and incumbent pay-TV distributors are now said to be among those interested in the online video company.