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Latest Headlines

Schmaeling: LIN TV's retrans contracts could make it tough to aquire

While LIN TV's contracts with Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and other distributors will help it grow retransmission-consent fees to more than $130 million in 2013, CFO  Richard  Schmaeling said Wednesday that LIN's success in hiking fees could make it tougher for another broadcaster to acquire.

Time Warner Cable still talking to LIN TV as blackout deadline approaches

With Time Warner Cable's retransmission-consent agreement with LIN TV set to expire at 5 p.m. ET today, the companies are still attempting to negotiate a deal, TWC spokesman Jon Gary Herrera said Friday morning.

LIN TV threatens to pull ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox stations from Time Warner Cable

LIN TV began warning Time Warner Cable subscribers in 14 markets Wednesday that they will lose the feeds for stations carrying ABC, NBC, Fox and NBC on May 31 unless the MSO agrees to cough up increased retransmission-consent fees.

Charter signs last-minute retrans deal with LIN TV; still no DirecTV-Gannett agreement

Charter Communications said it agreed to a new retransmission-consent contract with LIN TV, hours before the broadcaster planned to pull its TV stations from subscribers in Alabama, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Oregon and New England.

LIN TV threatens to pull CBS, NBC, Fox stations from Charter Communications

LIN TV said it will pull its CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, My NetworkTV and The CW affiliates from Charter Communications subscribers in Birmingham, Ala., Grand Rapids, Mich., Green Bay, Wis., and New England unless the cable MSO agrees to pay increased retransmission-consent fees by Nov. 29.

Mediacom loses 16,000 basic video subscribers in Q4 2011

Mediacom reported that it lost 16,000 basic video customers during the fourth quarter, which was an improvement from the third quarter, when it lost 22,000 basic cable customers. Its performance in

Cox raises basic cable fees 18% to cover retrans fee hikes

Cox Communications said it will raise the fee for its basic cable programming packages in parts of Virginia to cover increased retransmission-consent fees that it must pay local broadcasters. The

LIN TV threatens to pull Fox and CBS stations from Cox

LIN TV (NYSE: TVL), the local broadcaster that pulled its signals from Mediacom Communications for six weeks last fall, is warning Cox Communications subscribers in Florida and Rhode Island that they

Cable operators team with Dish Network to press FCC on retransmission reform

Several small cable operators are teaming up with Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) and Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) to press the FCC to reform its retransmission-consent rules. The cable operators and

Mediacom drops 22,000 basic video and 3,000 cable modem subscribers in Q3 2011

Mediacom Communications reported Wednesday that it lost 22,000 basic video subscribers during the third quarter. While most cable MSOs are seeing significant growth in their high-speed data