Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Amazon adds select, ad-supported TV shows to Prime iOS app

Is Amazon testing out free, ad-supported streaming of online content? According to TechCrunch, the retail giant may be trying out the concept.

Report: iOS outranks Android as a smartphone video platform, viewing overall jumps 532%

Apple's iOS-based smartphones dominate video viewing, representing 60 percent of mobile video views in the United States alone, a new report says. But Android-based smartphones hold sway for video viewers in Latin America, at 53 percent.

AT&T U-verse launches Poker Night TV app

AT&T said Monday that it is beginning to support apps for its U-verse TV service on Android smartphones and tablets, beginning with a new Poker Night TV app.

Amazon Prime for iOS update includes Airplay support

Amazon Instant Video customers who own an Apple TV just got an easier way to watch online TV shows and movies they buy through the online retailer on their TV sets.

Comcast quietly launches family text, calendar app

Comcast continues to make a big push in the app arena. According to  Light Reading, the cable company has launched Family Point, an OTT family text messaging and calendar app for both iOS and Android-based smartphones.

Bell Canada app brings TV to wireless connected devices

Bell Canada has marshaled its wireless and wireline telecommunications capabilities to create a new application that expands TV viewing for subscribers with access to Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices via Wi-Fi or mobile connections.

Comcast testing cloud DVR app for iPad and iPhone

Comcast has started testing a new iPad and iPhone application which allows subscribers to access programming from a cloud-based DVR.

Verizon-Disney authentication deal gives FiOS subs access to Watch ABC and Disney apps

Walt Disney Co. said Thursday that it signed a TV Everywhere authentication deal with Verizon which will give FiOS TV subscribers access to mobile video apps Watch ABC, Watch Disney Channel and a multiplatform product it is developing for ABC Family.

DirecTV renames Nomad product 'GenieGO'

DirecTV has quietly rebranded a product that lets subscribers transfer programs stored on DVRs to laptops and Apple's iPad and iPhone as 'GenieGO.'

Time Warner Cable upgrades Android app to support out-of-home viewing

Time Warner Cable said it expanded out-of-home viewing capabilities to its TWC TV app for Android devices.