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Latest Headlines

Schmidt: Google Glass dream isn't shattered just yet

Google isn't giving up on Google Glass, its high-tech eyeglasses, according to Chairman Eric Schmidt. In mid-January, Google announced it was ending its Glass "Explorer" program, which it launched in April 2013 to allow software developers to buy pre-production versions of Google Glass for $1,500 for testing.

Google's Schmidt: We're not done with Google Glass

Google isn't giving up on Google Glass, its high-tech eyeglasses, according to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Eyes wide open: Why developers shouldn't give up on Google Glass just yet

If I ever thought there was a possibility that Google Glass would fail before it even had a chance to succeed, it was when I started hearing people wearing them described with a term that sounds a lot like a swear word.

Google Glass used to measure biometric signals

Researchers from MIT's Media Lab and the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Interactive Computing have used sensors embedded in Google Glass to measure physiological signals of a wearer, leveraging capabilities of the device's accelerometer, gyroscope and camera to monitor a user's head movements and gather pulse and respiratory rates.

Epson, Vuzix and others look to compete with Google Glass in smart eyewear arena

Google's Glass smart eyewear has been the product that has received the most attention in that still-emerging category. Yet there are more than 16 kinds of smart glasses, many of which include SDKs for developers.  Special report

Look past Google Glass: Developers have options in smart eyewear

If the predictions are true, we'll soon be able to see all kinds of things through "smart glasses," such as maps, notifications and maybe even new kinds of mobile games. The only thing we may not be able to see is how big--or how small--the smart glasses market will be for app developers.

Google Glass creator: Glasses are just one option in wearables market

A Google executive involved in the creation of the search giant's Glass connected eyewear conceded that the device is not the only solution to figuring out where the next wave of computing will go beyond smartphones.

Google's upcoming wearable SDK piques developer interest in what fits

Developers won't have to wait too much longer for Google to release a software-development kit designed to make it easier to incorporate Google's Android platform into wearable devices. Based on their reactions on Twitter, developers are eager to get their hands on it.

Wearables make a splash at CES 2014, but might not be ready for mass appeal

LAS VEGAS--Wearable computers were seemingly everywhere at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, popping up in keynotes and at booths, in the form of watches, earbuds, bracelets bands and others. However, according to analysts and executives, many of them are not quite ready for prime time in terms of function and style.

Wearables will be everywhere at CES, but skepticism abounds

Wearable computing seems likely to be one of the major themes of the Consumer Electronics Show kicking off next week, with smart watches being the most prominent segment in wearables right now.  However, there is a good deal fo skepticism among analysts about whether or not the wave of hype around wearables will translate into devices consumers actually want to use on ongoing basis.