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Latest Headlines

Google Glass creator: Glasses are just one option in wearables market

A Google executive involved in the creation of the search giant's Glass connected eyewear conceded that the device is not the only solution to figuring out where the next wave of computing will go beyond smartphones.

Google's upcoming wearable SDK piques developer interest in what fits

Developers won't have to wait too much longer for Google to release a software-development kit designed to make it easier to incorporate Google's Android platform into wearable devices. Based on their reactions on Twitter, developers are eager to get their hands on it.

Wearables make a splash at CES 2014, but might not be ready for mass appeal

LAS VEGAS--Wearable computers were seemingly everywhere at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, popping up in keynotes and at booths, in the form of watches, earbuds, bracelets bands and others. However, according to analysts and executives, many of them are not quite ready for prime time in terms of function and style.

Wearables will be everywhere at CES, but skepticism abounds

Wearable computing seems likely to be one of the major themes of the Consumer Electronics Show kicking off next week, with smart watches being the most prominent segment in wearables right now.  However, there is a good deal fo skepticism among analysts about whether or not the wave of hype around wearables will translate into devices consumers actually want to use on ongoing basis.

Developers choose sides in Siri-Google Glass feud

They represent some of the most innovative ways in which Apple and Google are trying to increase engagement with consumers, but developers couldn't get enough of the humor inspired by a mock feud between iOS virtual assistant Siri and the wearable technology Google Glass last week.

Lowenstein's View: Wearables--hip or hype?

Wearables are the gadget world's equivalent of frozen yogurt shops: they're popping up all over. Signs of an accelerated hype cycle: analyst reports with hockey stick forecasts, conferences seemingly every other week, and a media frenzy over the next mass market digital gadgets… glasses and watches(!)

Google Boutique: What a new kind of app store might mean for Glass app developers

When developers submit an app in Google Play, they know what consumers will end up seeing: a name, an icon, a description and maybe some screen shots. Which is fine for the average Android app, but as the use cases for Google Glass begin to explode, the world may need a lot more detail about what's available for download.

How an Apple iWatch or Google Glass will affect mobile app usage

When developers start creating their apps and games I wonder if they picture how they will be used. Don't just consider what features or functions will prove popular, but keep in mind what people will actually be doing with their bodies--how they will be sitting if they're sitting, whether they'll have use of one hand or two, whether they will hold a phone comfortably in their lap or with their arm stretched out.

Samsung developing smart watch that may rival Apple

Samsung Electronics confirmed it is working on a smart watch which may rival a similar product that Apple is reportedly working on as the race to develop wearable computing devices heats up.

Google to build standalone retail stores

According to "an extremely reliable source" speaking to  9to5Google 's Seth Weintraub, the Internet search engine-cum-online-video leader (via YouTube) is "in the process of building standalone retail stores in the U.S. and hopes to have the first flagship Google Stores open for the holidays in major metropolitan areas."