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Latest Headlines

Cord-nevers outnumber cord-cutters nearly 3 to 1, Forrester report says

The cord-nevers demographic, once looked upon with mild interest by the pay-TV industry, has "eclipsed" cord-cutters in size, a new report from Forrester Research states, and the industry needs to learn now how to best serve this upcoming generation of video consumers who have never had a cable subscription and likely never will.

Bad OTT experience could chase cord cutters back to pay TV

NEW YORK--While a new generation of cord nevers may be willing to put up with occasional poor streaming quality of online video, cord cutters--that coveted group of past pay-TV subscribers who have ditched linear video service for Internet viewing--might return to the pay-TV fold if their streaming experience is bad.

Cord cutters and cord nevers: a tale of two streamers

The differences between cord cutters and cord nevers is so pronounced that "any company targeting these consumers must think in terms of two distinct packaging and pricing strategies," an online video research firm says.

Pay TV operators cater OTT to generation of cord nevers

When you're watching a whole new generation forsake your distribution scheme, and you're seeing your advertising dollars slip away to digital platforms, you do what you have to do to survive. That's a philosophy many pay-TV providers are beginning to adopt as they develop lower-priced offerings that cater to a cord-reluctant generation of millennials. FierceCable Editor Dan Frankel takes a closer look at pay-TV's OTT shift. Special Report

Cord maybes: Pay-TV chases millennials with OTT services, but success is hardly guaranteed

Programmers are suddenly willing to play ball with OTT insurgents and are conceding to pared-down bundles targeted to millennials. But is their desperation a good thing?

AT&T tries to lure cord-nevers with $40 intro bundle

With Dish Network and Sony still working out the nitty-gritty content details of their respective over-the-top TV services, AT&T made its own grab for cable-wary cord-cutters and cord-nevers, announcing a $40 U-verse introductory package that offers broadband, a slimmed-down cable package, HBO and Amazon Prime membership. The caveat? The deal lasts just one year, after which subscribers must take a higher-priced, traditional IPTV bundle.

Report links OTT on television with increase in cord cutting

A report by consumer data company Experian shows a direct link between the availability of over-the-top content such as Netflix and an increase in consumers cutting the cable cord.

'Cord nevers' get some attention

Video subscriber growth for traditional pay-TV distributors may be a thing of the past, and "cord nevers," or young people who have never subscribed and don't plan to start, are part of the reason.

Content aggregation could reduce cord-cutting advantages in short term

Cord-cutting is only attractive if there's lots of quality content and it's not expensive. Both of those factors could be going away soon--or at lease be substantially diminished--according to Darren Feher, CEO of Conviva, who expects that higher fees and less content will become the norm as the online video space finds its footing.

Report: OTT fuels cable's ongoing subscriber losses

Over-the-top (OTT) video offerings, a stagnant economy and ongoing and new competition from outside sources such as IPTV players are combining to hammer the cable industry's subscriber base, the most recent Television Intelligence Report from IHS Screen Digest found.