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Latest Headlines

Cord-nevers unlikely to ever buy pay TV, while OTT providers step up 4K game

In a statistic that probably has cable TV execs scrambling to push broadband video, only about 2 percent of the 19 percent of millennials who don't have pay TV would consider signing up in the next three months, a new report from nScreenMedia indicates.

Cord cutting slows to only 400K subs a year, report says

Pay-TV operators survived the second quarter, typically their weakest for subscriber growth, with their customer bases largely intact. And the much discussed specter of cord cutting has "slowed to a crawl," according to a MoffettNathanson report.

Comcast rep won't let Engadget founder cancel service

While Comcast has continually battled a reputation for bad customer service, you've got to credit the tenacity of the service rep who handled tech blogger Ryan Block's attempt to cancel service.

Survey: More than 40% of U.S. households are now wireless-only

 Americans continue to ditch their landline service in favor of wireless, according to a new survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the rate of which U.S. households are eliminating landline service has slowed down from recent years, the data shows.

Dish sets OTT targets: 'Cord cutters, cord nevers and cord haters'

Speaking at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco Wednesday, Dish Network GM of interactive and advanced TV Adam Lowy defined the desired subscriber base for his company's soon-to-be launched OTT service as being young, digital and somewhat dissonant to traditional pay-TV services.

Analysts see lots of cord-cutting talk, but not much action

Consumers are showing a lot of interest in over-the-top services, but aren't doing much actual cord cutting, according to a panel of analysts at the BroadbandTVcon in Santa Clara, Calif.

Consumers have reached price limit, but cord cutting isn't a problem yet, panel says

SANTA CLARA, Calif.-- Culling their collective surveys and studies into a somewhat cohesive voice,  a group of top media industry research analysts told a Silicon Valley conference panel Tuesday that cord cutting is indeed occurring, but only on small levels, and that consumers "have reached their limits" in terms of pay-TV pricing.

Study says 84% of cord cutters are happy, but questions remain

Another day, another ominous media consumption story suggesting consumers are about to ditch pay TV in droves.

Cord cutters dominate broadband usage

As the FCC prepares to release new rules on how the Internet is governed, a study by Sandvine has found that broadband consumption by cord-cutting consumers is taking up more bandwidth every day. In North America, cord-cutters consume seven times the amount of bandwidth compared to customers who are still paying for cable service.

What cord cutters? AT&T reaction shows there's still demand for wires

AT&T's plans to start replacing conventional telephone wireline service with U-verse VoIP are hitting resistance from consumers who, apparently, like the old way of doing things and are making sure that regulators know it.