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Latest Headlines

Consumer frustration drives online video piracy

Despite the efforts of organizations like the MPAA and RIAA over the past decade and a half--many of which were outright public relations disasters--online piracy continues and according to some statistics is on the rise. What is driving consumers' attraction to illegal online video content?

UK scraps its 'three strikes' piracy plan, brings in softer guidelines

In a signal that heavy-handed anti-piracy tactics--and placing the burden of enforcement on ISPs--isn't working well, the United Kingdom is revising its "three strikes" plan which would boot illegal file sharers off their ISP after three warnings.  Instead it will implement in 2015 a less rigid Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme (VCAP), which sends file sharers four warning letters … and does nothing else.

Aereo vs. broadcasters: Start of Supreme Court review is inconclusive

After day one, it's too close to call: Aereo and a group of TV broadcasters faced the Supreme Court in the first day of hearings around whether Aereo's service violates copyright laws.

Viacom, Google settle their differences, while Google reveals 'super-flagger' program

Google and Viacom have settled out of court over a contentious, $1 billion copyright infringement battle that had been going on since 2007, when Google first purchased YouTube. Settlement details were not released, but reportedly no money changed hands in the deal.

ISPs, content owners move closer to launching anti-piracy plan

Pirates, beware. Media companies and ISPs looking to put a stop--or at least significantly put a crimp into--piracy of movie and music content, this week established the infrastructure of the Center

Viacom appeals YouTube copyright ruling

Viacom is hoping to resurrect its copyright infringement lawsuit against YouTube, launching an appeal in a New York federal court that seeks to overturn a 2010 district court ruling that sided with

Ivi TV founder Todd Weaver: It's better to be right than rich, Part 2

Click here to return to Part 1 three judges review our appeal, and we are right on the law. We'd rather take our chances in the judiciary than trying to lobby against the NAB's budget in Congress and

Ivi TV founder Todd Weaver: It's better to be right than rich

Startup online cable operator ivi TV, which retransmits broadcasters signals over the Internet, is continuing its battle to overturn an injunction that temporarily--it hopes--shut them down. In a

Federal judge rules against ivi TV, effectively shuts down 'online cable operator'

A federal judge in New York has granted a preliminary injunction against ivi TV, the online service sued by a group of broadcasters and content providers for streaming television broadcast signals

Ivi TV: Looking forward to moving court case along

Start up ivi TV, which last week saw a federal court in Seattle reject a request from it for a declaratory ruling that it wasn't infringing on broadcasters' copyrights, said it's looking forward to