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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

IHS: Over 8B devices were connected globally end-2015

IHS said there were 8.1 billion connected smartphones, tablets, personal computers, TVs, TV-attached devices and audio devices across the globe at the end of 2015.

Ericsson: IoT connections to outnumber mobile phones by 2018

Ericsson's latest annual Mobility Report is out, and once again the company sees big things for video. Mobile video traffic will grow by roughly 55 percent annually through 2021, according to the forecast, and video will account for about 70 percent of all mobile data traffic. But the report also predicts massive growth in the IoT over the next few years.

Atari partners with Sigfox to launch unspecified 'connected devices' targeting pets, lifestyle and more

Atari is partnering with IoT network provider Sigfox to launch a line of connected products starting later this year. Just what those devices will be, though, is unknown.

The waning importance of the phone at MWC

BARCELONA, Spain-- Smartphones were expected to play a huge role here at this year's Mobile World Congress, and we've already seen a few major announcements from the likes of Samsung and LG. But many of the devices that scored some of the spotlight during the show's opening days weren't phones at all. And those companies that did showcase new phones often focused on features and functionality far beyond traditional uses such as calling, messaging and using apps.

Kraus: Streaming media market competes for consumers' attention, dollars

Since the launch of Apple TV in 2007, the streaming media player industry has continued to grow, impacting the traditional pay-TV and video landscape along the way. Industry players now find themselves in a highly competitive environment, requiring continuous innovation and compelling value propositions to increase both their user base and market share.

AT&T testing NumberSync technology on iPhones, other iOS gadgets

Soon AT&T Mobility customers will be able to receive a call on their Apple Watch even if they don't have their iPhone nearby. The carrier is trialing its "NumberSync" technology in the latest beta version of iOS. The technology lets customers share their primary phone number with other connected devices even if their phone isn't connected to a cellular network.

Helium launches smart sensor platform for Internet of Things, aimed at healthcare, food and beverage markets

Helium Systems is launching its Internet of Things platform that focuses on sensors for industrial applications and use cases, and uses the cloud to get access to all of the data generated by the sensors and make sense of it. The company is working with the healthcare and the food, beverage and grocery industries to offer smart refrigeration systems as a first use case.

AT&T's Lurie, CTIA's Baker see great promise in Internet of Things, but warn over over-regulation

AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Lurie and CTIA President Meredith Attwell Baker said that several different elements need to come together to enable the United States to fully take advantage of the Internet of Things, including more spectrum, security and infrastructure and a light-touch regulatory environment that lets wireless companies invest.

Updated: T-Mobile and Sprint, like AT&T, to let customers share primary phone number with connected devices

T-Mobile US said it plans to offer a service that will let customers share their primary phone number with other connected devices just after AT&T Mobility unveiled such a service, which it calls "NumberSync."

AT&T to let customers link their smartphone number to wearables and other devices through 'NumberSync' service

AT&T Mobility is rolling out a new service called "NumerSync" that will let customers share their primary mobile phone numbers with their connected devices so that they do not need to use Bluetooth or other technologies to link their phone to wearables or other gadgets. The goal is to untether customers from their smartphones by having the same number linked to multiple devices, and the first compatible NumberSync devices will be available later this month.