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Latest Headlines

Cablevision, other pay-TV operators find new earnings opportunity in advanced advertising

Over-the-top video's disruption of the cable industry has been keenly felt for the past few quarter especially, as pay-TV subscriber numbers have steadily dropped. But traditional operators may have found a new source for revenue: advanced advertising services like dynamic ad insertion (DAI), programmatic buying and selling, and the audience data gleaned from these services.

Cablevision's Wi-Fi phone service isn't much now, but just wait

Cablevision took its first step into the wireless world Monday, by introducing a Wi-Fi-only phone service, Freewheel, that its subscribers can get for $10 a month. But with its limited service--Wi-Fi works only where hotspots and wireless routers are available, and doesn't do handoffs the way cellular technology does--it's hardly a threat to incumbent carriers like AT&T.

Aereo CEO Kanojia warns of 'chilling' consequences for cloud industry

As the Supreme Court's April 22 review of broadcasters' case against Aereo approaches, Chet Kanojia, founder and CEO of the embattled online video service, warned that the consequences of a finding for the broadcasters would have "chilling" consequences for consumers and the cloud services industry.

Aereo and the Supreme Court: What can happen?

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Aereo case, it's worth examining some of the ways the case could be resolved.

Roku devices will get Disney TV Everywhere apps

Roku owners who also subscribe to certain pay-TV providers will be able to access Disney's suite of WATCH apps through the streaming video device.

Intel may alienate key programming partners with OTT service

Intel is reportedly struggling to line up programming partners for its planned over-the-top TV service. The situation has apparently become so dire, the chip maker has sought help from technology companies that already have relationships with the media industry.

Report sees Internet becoming an OTT battleground

The Internet will become a battleground between a new breed of online video service delivery players and the old line guard of wireline telcos and cable operators, an Informa Telecoms & Media report, "Internet Innovation," contends.

Google Fiber tops Netflix's January ISP rankings

As might have been expected, Google Fiber came out on top in the January ISP carrier rankings compiled and released by Netflix. The 1 Gbps service in Kansas City delivered average speeds of 3.02 Mbps for Netflix streams, far outdistancing second place Cablevision Optimum.

Time Warner Cable: Netflix closing off content access to some ISPs

Time Warner Cable thinks Netflix is playing on an uneven field when it comes to its Open Connect private CDN, making it difficult for ISPs who do not partner with the streaming video provider to have access to new enhanced content.

Fox-Cablevision spat feeding web-based cable company's growth spurt

News Corp.'s blackout of Cablevision in the New York and Philadelphia area has certainly caused some viewer consternation. Some three million of them have missed their favorite Fox programming like