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Latest Headlines

Dish Network folding Blockbuster retail and DVD business

Dish Network said Wednesday that it plans to fold all 300 of its remaining Blockbuster retail stores, and that it will also halt its DVD-by-mail service by early January.

Dish drops 78K subs in Q2 as churn rate increases to 1.67%

Dish Network lost 78,000 net subscribers in the second quarter, and it blamed an increased churn rate on aggressive discounts from pay TV rivals coupled with its own rate increases.

Dish Network shuttering 300 Blockbuster stores

Dish Network said Monday that it plans to close about 300 Blockbuster stores and cut 3,000 employees, which would leave the video rental chain with just 500 outlets nationwide.

Report: Dish to sell Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile phones through Blockbuster

Dish Network plans to sell mobile phones in through its Blockbuster stores, according to a report from  Bloomberg.

ABI Research: Online video seen as multi-billion dollar threat to pay TV revenues

The old cord-cutting argument has come around for another turn thanks to the ABI Research Technology barometer study that says cord-cutters--or at least consumers who dump pay TV for online video--could cost MVPDs (multichannel video programming distributors) about $16.8 billion.

Dish abandons plan to re-vamp Blockbuster as Netflix competitor

Dish Network, which bought Blockbuster in April 2011, has abandoned a plan to try to re-vamp the once-bankrupt company into a Netflix competitor and distributor of Dish handsets that connect the satellite spectrum to terrestrial towers, according to  Bloomberg. 

Netflix DVD service is tops but streaming service is 'limited,' Consumer Reports says

Netflix believes that streaming is the way to go and it's what consumers want. The company has essentially hung its hat--and its business future--on the idea that it's successful DVD rental business is  so last decade  and its streaming service is  so now. Unfortunately, for the video purveyor,  Consumer Reports  disagrees.

Dish Network picks up 22,000 subscribers in Q4 2011

Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) said Thursday that it picked up 22,000 net new customers during the fourth quarter, after losing 111,000 subscribers during Q3. It ended the year with 13.967 million

Dish to shutter more Blockbuster stores, turn some outlets into satellite TV service centers

After committing to keeping about 90 percent of Blockbuster movie rental stores open, new owner Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) says it plans to close additional outlets. "We are committed to keeping the

Dish closing more Blockbuster stores than planned

Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH), which bought bankrupt Blockbuster in July for $320 million and used the video outlet as the basis for its streaming video service, Blockbuster @Home, says it plans to