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Latest Headlines

BitTorrent Live's sub-10 second latency claim may line it up against NetInsight, delivery vendors

BOSTON-- File-sharing service BitTorrent is continuing to shift away from the established perception of the company as a piracy facilitator, announcing the impending launch of BitTorrent Live, a linear streaming video platform that will feature numerous live events through several participating networks. More interesting is that those live events will be delivered to viewers with a less than 10-second lag between the broadcast signal and the over-the-top stream, the company said.

Online pirates pulled in $209M from advertising revenues alone in 2014, DCA says

Despite the shuttering of a large number of websites peddling illegal content, online piracy continues to pull in the same amount of revenue year over year. Advertising pulled in more than $209 million in revenue for these sites, a new report compiled for Digital Citizens Alliance by MediaLink found.

Online video piracy: Ways the industry could address the growing problem

Video piracy, once thought on the wane thanks to inexpensive SVOD services like Hulu and Netflix, is showing that it's a resilient foe. To combat illegal streaming, industry players may need to toss out old solutions and adopt tactics that seem a little crazy.

Closing movie release windows will slow piracy, boost revenue for Oscar-nominated films, Irdeto says

American Sniper isn't just a favorite to win Best Picture at Sunday's Academy Awards presentation. It's also the most heavily pirated movie among the eight films nominated for the top Oscar, according to data released by Irdeto. The film depicting Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was downloaded via BitTorrent more than 1.39 million times in the month following its nomination.

Popcorn Time torrent service rattles content providers

A new app called "Popcorn Time" that organizes and streams torrents of video was voluntarily taken down by its creators after attracting worldwide attention and accusations that it was promoting piracy. But the code lives on, as a Popcorn Time project has been set up at GitHub to continue developing the software.

Sandvine: Internet usage soars in North America

Fueled by Netflix, which accounted for a 33 percent bandwidth share, North American Internet data usage spiked 120 percent in the last year, according to the latest research from Sandvine. Data culled from a selection of 200-plus Sandvine customers throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America and Asia-Pacific, revealed "mean monthly data usage has increased by 120 percent."

Lawsuits targeting movie pirates could include millions of BitTorrent downloaders

The latest effort by moviemakers to fire a shot across the bow of online video pirates is taking shape in a federal court in Washington, D.C., where the U.S. Copyright Group has filed several