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Latest Headlines

Broadcasting is about to change, regardless of Aereo lawsuit's outcome

It doesn't matter whether Aereo wins or loses its Supreme Court case. Broadcasting is going to change, because consumers demand it.

Aereo preps Google Chromecast app for May 29 launch date

Aereo, the cloud antenna and DVR provider that has been the bane of broadcasters, will be available on Google's Chromecast streaming device beginning May 29. Subscribers in Aereo's active markets will be able to download its app in the Google Play store.

DoCoMo's Smart Vertical MIMO achieves 1.2 Gbps with single-size antenna

Japan's NTT DoCoMo laid claim to what it said was the world's first transmission exceeding 1.2 Gbps in a field test using a single-size antenna incorporating a new transmission technology for LTE Advanced systems

Small cell challenges include PIM, site acquisition

Operators are deploying small cells in larger numbers, but testing solutions company Anritsu contends passive intermodulation (PIM) could be present problems for some of these rollouts.

Aereo, amid challenges, looks ahead to possibilities

Aereo founder and CEO Chet Kanojia is all about pleasing his customers. That's what he told  FierceOnlineVideo  in a recent interview.

Aereo announces Atlanta metro launch, changes pricing plan to $8 monthly

Aereo, continuing its business-as-usual approach even as broadcasters and others try to shut it down, has announced a new pricing structure for its TV streaming service and said that it will launch in the Atlanta metro area beginning June 17.

CommScope, Ooredoo unveil unique tower top cell site design

CommScope and Ooredoo, a carrier serving the Middle East, north Africa and southeast Asia, have developed what they believe is the world's first factory-assembled tower tops for base station remote radios. The tower tops are pre-assembled according to a single global design standard.

Aereo, Boxee bring antennas into the online video spotlight

In the technology industry, words like "newer," "faster" and "smarter" tend to dominate the space, so much so that we often forget the benefits of the technology we were using before our current gadgets. These benefits may have been omitted from more recent versions of technology for a variety of reasons such as design or cost. But two nascent companies, Aereo and Boxee, are encouraging online video viewers to take another look at a time-tested technology: antennas.

SkyCross says VersiTune LTE Antenna supports carrier aggregation

Antenna developer SkyCross said unnamed major handset manufacturers will this year begin deploying its VersiTune-LTE Antenna, which supports operators' carrier-aggregation requirements.

RCA introduces Android tablet featuring Dyle TV

Electronics manufacturer RCA today introduced an Android tablet featuring two tuners that allow users to access free live TV on the go. A story in  AllThingsD  reports that the RCA Mobile TV Tablet includes "two built-in tuner--one standard over-the-air DTV tuner for when you're stationary and one mobile tuner for when you're on the go."