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Latest Headlines

No longer hunting for a 'Netflix killer,' broadcasters, MSOs trend toward integration

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. As we've noted recently, over-the-top providers like Hulu and Netflix are no longer stealing a march on traditional distributors. Broadcasters like CBS, cable operators, channels like A+E Networks and others are finally making multiscreen a bigger priority--as long as the technology fits within their current moneymaking model.

Report: iOS outranks Android as a smartphone video platform, viewing overall jumps 532%

Apple's iOS-based smartphones dominate video viewing, representing 60 percent of mobile video views in the United States alone, a new report says. But Android-based smartphones hold sway for video viewers in Latin America, at 53 percent.

Amazon streaming video box reportedly delayed

First it was Intel, now it's Amazon. According to multiple reports, the e-commerce giant's rumored plans to introduce an online video set-top box have been pushed back to next year.

Android device support coming to Aereo

Aereo, the online streaming service that delivers local TV stations in some markets, will introduce an app for Android devices in September, the International Business Times reported.

RCA introduces Android tablet featuring Dyle TV

Electronics manufacturer RCA today introduced an Android tablet featuring two tuners that allow users to access free live TV on the go. A story in  AllThingsD  reports that the RCA Mobile TV Tablet includes "two built-in tuner--one standard over-the-air DTV tuner for when you're stationary and one mobile tuner for when you're on the go."

Details emerge about Redbox Instant pricing, supported platforms

Details including pricing and supported platforms have emerged about Redbox Instant by Verizon, the companies' joint online streaming venture, according to an article in  GigaOM.

$99 Google TV box set for November availability

Hisense USA has become one of the first vendors out of the box--pun intended--with a Google TV set-top box to bring Android video streaming capabilities to existing TVs. The box is being debuted at CEDIA Expo 2012 in Germany starting Friday and should hit the U.S. market in November, the company said in a news release.

Apple will drop YouTube from next iOS version

In a move that some might think of as cutting off your nose to spite your face, Apple has confirmed that it will not include YouTube—the online video piece of its uber competitor Google—on the next version of iOS software embedded in the iPhone and iPad.

Second, third screens move up video viewing ladder

A study conducted by Arbitron and the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) provides some of the first insights into multiscreen viewing habits.

Brightcove's App Cloud targets easy iOS, Android app development

Brightcove's App Cloud, which has been in beta since May, is now generally available, the company said today, making it easier for developers to build, deliver and manage custom content apps across