New Unruly Report Sees Huge Growth Opportunities For Automotive Marketers In Social Video Advertising



Unruly, the global platform for social video advertising, today released a research-driven White Paper examining the way consumers engage with autos marketers' video content on social platforms on a global scale.

Entitled 'Stuck in First Gear?: The State of Automobile Marketing in Social Video', it uncovers key insights for automobile marketers as they consider ramping up their creative initiatives and media investments in social video advertising. These include:

  • The auto industry is riding the wave of social video proliferation…not leading – video sharing of auto marketing content on social media platforms is growing at only one-fifth the rate of the overall advertising market;
  • Content created by only four automobile brands accounts for nearly three-quarters (73.1%) of video sharing in the sector – suggesting a significant window of opportunity for other manufacturers to embrace social video;
  • Auto marketers are still using an event-driven, "top-down," media strategy to build social video distribution – nearly a quarter of all video shares in the industry were driven by advertising during the Super Bowl; this suggests that there is a large, untapped opportunity to reach consumers throughout the rest of the year.

Unruly's new report leverages the company's exclusive Share-of-Voice data from theUnruly Viral Video Chart ( and overlays this with data from a proprietary content evaluation suite which uses biometric testing, eye-tracking and consumer/blogger focus groups to predict the share-ability of video content. Unruly also collaborated with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute to score the highest performing video content in the category in order to understand what made it so shareable.

"We believe social video presents a unique media channel for automobile marketers to engage consumers  in order to create brand loyalty, build showroom traffic and drive sales," explains Art Zeidman, President Unruly Americas.  "Our new research unearths valuable insights that car marketers and their agencies can use to evolve their strategies to build efficacy and ROI into their increasing activities in social media."

Please view the complete Unruly White Paper here.