comScore Announces Introduction of Online Video Measurement Service in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Phillippines


Vietnam Leads in Online Video Viewing Penetration Across Asia Pacific

comScore Expands Video Metrix Service to 25 Markets Worldwide

SINGAPORE, Aug. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the introduction of comScore Video Metrix( ) in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. comScore's industry-leading online video measurement service offers comprehensive online viewing intelligence, combined with demographics, to provide valuable insights into consumers' digital behaviors. comScore Video Metrix is now available in 12 markets in the Asia Pacific region and 25 individual markets worldwide.

"Online video viewing has become a leading pastime for the majority of today's online consumers, presenting new opportunities for content providers and advertisers to reach their key audiences with engaging content," said Joe Nguyen, comScore SVP for Asia Pacific. "comScore Video Metrix provides the viewer insights and competitive intelligence that publishers, advertisers and their agencies need to make smart investments in the online video space. As content options expand and connection speeds advance, we expect to see more people spend more time watching online video in developing markets, which presents an exciting opportunity for marketers throughout the region."

Vietnam Posts Strongest Reach of Online Video Viewers in Region

In June 2012, 1.2 billion people worldwide age 15 and older watched online video from a home or work computer, representing 83.1 percent of the world's online population. Across the Asia-Pacific region, video viewing penetration ranged from 66.9 percent in Indonesia to a high of 89.8 percent in Vietnam, as both broadband access and content availability factored into online video viewing adoption. Vietnam (89.8 percent reach), Hong Kong (88.7 percent reach), Singapore (84.5 percent reach), Japan (83.7 percent reach) and New Zealand (83.4 percent reach) all saw online video penetration exceed the global average.

Among the largest online video markets by audience size, China was a strong leader with 266.2 million unique viewers (79.4 percent reach), followed by Japan with 61.5 million viewers (83.7 percent reach) and India with 44.6 million viewers (73.1 percent reach).

Video Overview by Market Ranked by Total Unique Viewers

June 2012

Total Audience, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations*

Source: comScore Video Metrix

Total Unique Viewers % Reach Web

(000) Pop

Worldwide 1,239,145 83.1%

China 266,152 79.4%

Japan 61,536 83.7%

India 44,590 73.1%

Vietnam 13,050 89.8%

Australia 12,830 79.7%

Taiwan 9,715 82.7%

Malaysia 9,292 78.8%

Indonesia 8,715 66.9%

Philippines 5,098 79.7%

Hong Kong 4,022 88.7%

Singapore 2,804 84.5%

New Zealand 2,378 83.4%

* Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet

cafes or access from mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore See Highest Online Video Engagement in Region

Globally, 197.5 billion videos were viewed online in June 2012 with a viewer averaging 159.4 videos during the month. Among the four newly reportable markets, Vietnam saw Internet users consume the most videos with an average of 137.4 videos per viewer in June for a total of nearly 1.8 billion videos viewed online during the month. Online video viewers in Taiwan watched 102.3 videos each on average, followed by the Philippines (69.4 videos per viewer) and Indonesia (53.5 videos per viewer).

Across the region, viewers in Japan watched the most videos on average at 242.5 videos per month, followed by Hong Kong (180.7 videos per viewer), Singapore (158.1 videos per viewer) and Australia (151.4 videos per viewer).

Video Overview by Market Ranked by Videos

June 2012

Total Audience, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations*

Source: comScore Video Metrix

Videos (000) Videos per Viewer

Worldwide 197,535,871 159.4

China 20,850,829 78.3

Japan 14,923,822 242.5

India 3,426,593 76.8

Australia 1,942,582 151.4

Vietnam 1,792,848 137.4

Taiwan 993,464 102.3

Malaysia 878,423 94.5

Hong Kong 726,852 180.7

Indonesia 465,848 53.5

Singapore 443,291 158.1

Philippines 353,949 69.4

New Zealand 332,346 139.7

** Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes

or access from mobile phones, tablets, etc.

YouTube Makes Google Sites Top Video Destination in Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam

Across the four new markets where comScore Video Metrix was introduced, Google Sites, driven largely by viewership at, led as the top online video destination based on the number of unique viewers. ranked as the second largest video viewing destination in the Philippines and the #3 destination in Indonesia and Taiwan, while VEVO and Viacom Digital both secured places among the top five in both Indonesia and the Philippines.

In Taiwan, Yahoo! Sites captured the #2 spot, while Tudou Sites and Youku Inc. ranked as the #4 and #5 largest video properties. Vietnam saw local players account for three of the top video destinations with VnExpress, Vega Corporation ( and Tuoi Tre Online securing places among the top five.

For a more detailed look at the top 10 online video properties in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, please visit the comScore Data Mine:

Top 5 Video Properties* by Market Based on Total Unique Viewers

June 2012

Total Audience, Age 15+ - Home & Work Locations**

Source: comScore Video Metrix

Indonesia Philippines Taiwan Vietnam

#1 Video

Property Google Sites Google Sites Google Sites Google Sites

#2 Video

Property VEVO*** Yahoo! Sites VnExpress

#3 Video

Property VEVO***

#4 Video

Property Viacom Digital Viacom Digital Tudou Sites Vega Corporation

#5 Video

Property MIVO.TV Turner Digital Youku Inc. Tuoi Tre Online

* Video Properties include all sites under that parent company. For

example, Google Sites includes, etc.

** Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or

access from mobile phones, tablets, etc.

*** VEVO YouTube Channel accounts for online video viewing attributed

to the VEVO property.

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