Viacom, AT&T, Samsung outlay strategies at Mobile World Congress

The Fierce team of editors is all over the Fira Gran this week in Barcelona, Spain, for the Mobile World Congress 2014 trade show, with reports from the show floor, keynotes and press conferences all gathered in one location: MWCLive 2014.   

The Internet is like this other thing

Washington loves a good analogy almost as much as Silicon Valley, and recent events are providing plenty of fodder for Internet analogies.

TiVo co-founders launch new QPlay streaming service

The QPlay is a Wi-Fi-connected box that streams playlists from a variety of online video sources, which can then be shared with friends or the public.

Disney introduces new online movie service

The Disney Movies Anywhere service for PCs and iOS requires an iTunes account now, but in the future Disney expects to work with other "provider partners."

Aereo suffers legal setback, continues expansion

The developments come as the broadcast networks lodged their arguments against Aereo with the U.S. Supreme Court and as Aereo set an early March date for introducing service in Austin, Texas.

Netflix, Comcast peering deal expected to prompt others

The recent peering agreement between Netflix and Comcast is expected to prompt other deals between content companies and broadband network operators.

Judges' tally: NBC scores historic online video numbers at Sochi Olympics, but will it bank on OTT viewers?

The Sochi Games were the most streamed Olympics ever. We detail some of the hallmarks of streaming video during the Winter Olympics, including Live Extra views, advertising and Internet traffic rates.

Online video traffic peaks at 1.6 Tbps during U.S.-Russia hockey game, boosts Sochi Olympics to record

Increased use of second-screen devices has boosted the Winter Olympics in Sochi to a new mark: the Games have generated more online video streams than any other Olympics in history, despite having fewer events than the Summer Games. But the event has created a correlating increase in malicious attack traffic as well.

Will online video stay on the sidelines of the Comcast-TWC merger review?

If the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal ultimately goes through, the market for broadband and cable service won't change much. But it will change in important ways. Comcast, for one, will soon be the gatekeeper to broadband customers and TV viewers in nearly every major market.

Xbox studio adds former WB Network boss

In what may be a sign of Microsoft's original content development ambitions, Xbox Entertainment studios has hired former WB Network CEO Jordan Levin.

Vice and FremantleMedia to introduce online food network targeting millennials

Vice Media and FremantleMedia are developing an online food network full of new food video series, recipes and news and events, they said. The project does not yet have a name or a home online but will be available through multiple platforms.

Inventor claims breakthrough in wireless bandwidth technology

If it actually works, the technology could reduce congestion on wireless networks or give new entrants into the wireless broadband industry a different cost structure for building a high-speed network. 

Report: Netflix acknowledges service issues on some ISPs

Netflix traffic on some broadband providers has been sluggish, but in general subscribers can still watch Netflix programming at a lower quality or with some "startup delays" at peak viewing hours, a company spokesman told ThWall Street Journal this week.

Netflix-TWC set-top box talks reportedly held up by Comcast takeover

The cable operator-leased set-top box is one device where Netflix has yet to find much of a foothold.

Digital media companies form video trade association GOVA

The Global Online Video Association, or GOVA, will work on developing online video ad standards and reach out to new advertisers and distribution partners.

New Amazon pilots draw mixed response

The second Amazon Prime original online TV pilot derby has begun. Reaction to the shows has been mixed.

A look at the technology bringing the Sochi Olympics online

The Sochi Olympics are in full swing, and while much of the content is restricted to authenticated pay-TV subscribers, that doesn't change the technical hurdles involved in delivering high-quality video to American viewers online. In a special report, Samantha Bookman, managing editor for FierceMarkets' Wireline Group, looks at some of the technology behind the Sochi Olympics and examines the various ways consumers can watch online.

Aereo's capacity issues could drum up subscriber interest

Did Aereo just take a page out of Apple's retail strategy playbook? Faced with capacity issues in major markets just before two big broadcast events, it's telling people to get in line.

Streaming the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: The vendors and technologies making it happen online

How is NBC Sports getting its live coverage of the Winter Olympics to online video viewers? As the broadcaster completes the first week of its Winter Olympics coverage, we take a look at how viewers are getting their Games.

Netflix ISP speed rankings prompt new round of fingerpointing

New Netflix ISP speed rankings that show Verizon FiOS and Comcast speeds falling have raised a new round of finger pointing over who is to blame for the apparent drop in quality of service.