Analysts see lots of cord-cutting talk, but not much action

Consumers are showing a lot of interest in over-the-top services, but aren't doing much actual cord cutting, according to a panel of analysts at the BroadbandTVcon in Santa Clara, Calif.

TiVo isn't exiting the retail business anytime soon, Chopra says

DVR pioneer TiVo may be driving its product into the cable and satellite market, but it still sees retail sales, particularly of its new OTT-integrated Roamio DVR, as key to the company's business model.

Netflix transitions to HTML5, moves away from Microsoft Silverlight

Online video provider Netflix is accelerating its transition to HTML5-based streaming, a move that should improve load times for viewers and make 4K video streaming easier to deliver.

A closer look at the billions of dollars Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are spending on original content

How much are online video providers spending on original content this year? While Netflix has always been pretty open about the amount of money it's dedicating to its original series, others like Amazon and Hulu are not so forthcoming. We take a look at the billion-dollar bets these providers are making on content.

Report: Disney's Maker Studios to lay off 10% of workforce

Following the head rush of its $500 million acquisition by the Walt Disney Co., Maker Studios is now facing the downside of the deal: trimming away 10 percent of its 380 employees. The multichannel network may issue pink slips this week.

YouTube launches its own ISP streaming quality index

Google's YouTube division has released its first ever Video Quality Report, rating the performance of Internet service providers on how well they are delivering online video in their service areas. It's a move similar to Netflix's monthly ISP speed index, which ranks providers based on how well they deliver Netflix streams to its subscribers.

Rumor mill: Community looks for new life on Hulu

Perhaps taking a cue from Netflix's revival of cult series Arrested Development, Hulu is reportedly in talks with Sony Pictures Television to produce more episodes of Community, a show with a devoted following that was recently canceled by NBC.

Sports programmers unbundle to OTT in search of profits

Even as Wall Street investors reacted skittishly to WWE's news that its leap from pay-TV to online video would not reap benefits for several months--causing its stock to slide more than 40 percent in a day--sports programmers are wading ever deeper into the OTT pool.

Time Warner Cable faces lawsuit, carriage woes in Los Angeles

There's no joy in Los Angeles for Time Warner Cable, which has been unable to sign a single carriage deal for its Dodgers channel, SportsNet LA, with competitors like DirecTV saying pricing for the channel is "far above any rational view of the market." Now it's facing another problem: a discrimination lawsuit.

Original series, new content drop at Amazon, Netflix as competitors rush to catch up

The online content race is continuing to heat up, as Amazon debuted the first of its planned kids' series, Tumble Leaf, on Prime Instant Video. The e-commerce giant also made available the first batch of HBO series, including The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and others, through its exclusive deal with the programmer.

Yahoo makes its competitive intentions clearer with YouTube-like service

Yahoo is planning to take on Google's YouTube online video dominance, and this summer will announce a service that offers channel pages and video hosting. Its value proposition? Giving creators a bigger cut of ad revenues, and offering the ability to distribute their videos across Yahoo's online properties.

Online video holds steady against linear TV options

The number of online video viewers keeps growing steadily, and those who have completely cut the cord from pay TV are happy with their decision, a pair of newly released reports from comScore and nScreen Media reveal. But pay-TV providers are battling the trend.

Dish Network adds Netflix to subscriber bonus package

Subscribers to Dish Network who opt for its Hopper DVR will get an added bonus: six free months of Netflix, thanks to a deal the satellite operator signed with the SVOD provider. However, those subscribers won't find Netflix bundled into their DVRs, Variety reports.

WWE's Barrios: We can't underestimate impact of shift to online video

WWE began thinking about a bigger online presence more than three years ago, an idea that came to fruition as WWE Network, its hugely popular subscription video on demand and live streaming service. But the company's shift from pay-per-view to online has had a few challenges, Chief Strategy & Financial Officer George Barrios told investors.

Yahoo may add RayV to online video acquisition pile

According to sources familiar with the matter, Yahoo is close to acquiring online video startup RayV--a purchase that may help shore up the technology behind its own video efforts, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Comcast, Apple wade into the CDN waters

Cable operator Comcast, which recently signed a peering deal with Netflix to increase the amount of bandwidth the online video provider can use to reach subscribers on its network, has launched its own content delivery network without fanfare. Meanwhile, Apple is moving forward with a CDN buildout of its own and is negotiating paid interconnect deals with a number of unnamed ISPs.

Rumors fly fast in telecom industry: Which ones will become reality?

These days, rumors in the telecom space are flying fast--not just in online video, which is seeing a lot more activity this year than in the past, but in wireless as well. New players that operated in traditionally separate segments of the industry, like fixed-line network operators and cable providers, are hunting new revenue paths, leading to all sorts of speculation. FierceWireless takes a look at these and other rumors, and details the seven most likely to come to fruition in this special report.

Netflix wrangles staying in line with revenue as it expands further into Europe

Even as Netflix announced it was expanding to six more European countries in late 2014--Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg--its chief financial officer, David Wells, told investors that the online video provider would stay in line with or slightly behind its overall revenue while continuing to expand its reach and content offerings--and that Netflix's international operations would be profitable by the end of 2014.

DirecTV, AT&T merger will 'redefine the video entertainment industry'

Calling DirecTV the best video provider in the business, AT&T CEO/Chairman Randall Stephenson made video delivery across all screens--television and mobile devices--a key point in an investor call discussing its $48.5 billion acquisition of the satellite pay-TV provider.

Report: YouTube may buy Twitch for $1B

Amid today's AT&T-DirecTV merger excitement, Google-owned YouTube may soon announce that it has reached a deal to buy video game-centric site Twitch for $1 billion. Neither company would comment on the reported acquisition.