Netflix lands first global-rights deal with Fox, and signs on MST3K's new season too

Netflix will soon be streaming The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story in almost every country where its SVOD service is available -- sorry, Canada -- thanks to a first-ever global licensing agreement with 20th Century Fox Television Distribution.

Redbox OTT streaming flickers back to life

Two years after pulling the plug on its disastrous SVOD partnership with Verizon, Redbox is giving OTT streaming a try again. The video rental service is trialing a transaction video on demand (TVOD) service with a "small subset" of its customers.

Burst platform rolls out to Sinclair Broadcast stations

Sinclair Broadcast Group is deploying Burst, a mobile-first online video platform, to more than 50 markets where Sinclair owns television stations. The technology will allow its stations to deliver mobile video to broadcast, over-the-top, and other digital outlets.

VideoBlocks takes on Shutterstock with enterprise video footage launch

Online video creators are helping push competition in the stock video market as demand grows, and that's leading to some interesting strategic steps. Cue the latest move by VideoBlocks, which has added a division that focuses specifically on small, medium and large businesses that need digital video footage.

Microsoft's new enterprise video service additive to its revenue-boosting Azure cloud division

Microsoft is seeing its investment in cloud services pay off as its Azure revenues for the fiscal fourth-quarter climbed 102 percent year over year. And one of the fruits of that success is a new enterprise video management system, Stream, which utilizes the Azure platform.

Netflix subscriber churn 'unexpectedly' higher as users react to end of grandfathered rates

The closing out of grandfathered subscription prices hit Netflix hard in the second quarter, with users churning out of the SVOD service at higher rates than expected, the company reported.

Google: Viewability drives jump in online video ad revenue

Google's YouTube appears to be leading the charge toward improved ad viewability -- a key metric determining whether an ad was actually watched by a human being -- reporting 93 percent viewability in a new study by the search engine giant. But overall ad viewability rates are still lower in the United States, at 62 percent, than in other countries, a new Google study reveals.

Viewers call the tune on Netflix success or failure

Netflix is continuing to bet big on original content as a way to draw and keep subscribers, a strategy that needs to pay off as investors become increasingly wary of its growth potential in the highly competitive SVOD market segment. But it also needs to hold the line on content costs and ARPU, especially if new users level off, according to analyst firm Jefferies, citing results of a recent survey it conducted.

ESPN, Fox, ABC reluctance to pivot toward linear streaming models could doom them

Despite CBS' all-in strategy to provide linear and on-demand streaming with its All Access paid subscription service, other major broadcasters have yet to fully commit to linear OTT services -- or even just more robust TV Everywhere content offerings. What's the holdup?

Wheeler may consider pay-TV's 'Ditch the Box' proposal over original unlocking plan

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler may be warming to the idea, put forth by pay-TV industry players, of getting rid of set-top box requirements entirely and instead making it possible to utilize consumer-friendly streaming devices instead, in a strategy the industry has dubbed "Ditch the Box."

thePlatform powers NBCU's new SVOD service, hayu

Comcast's multiscreen publishing subsidiary thePlatform revealed that it is powering NBCUniversal's recently launched international SVOD service, hayu. The streaming service, launched in three countries in March, is using the vendor's mpx platform to deliver on-demand and live video to subscribers.

Twitter teams with CBS to livestream Democratic, Republican conventions

Social media stalwart Twitter is putting its new Live service to work already, quietly trialing the owned-and-operated live streaming platform during Wimbledon last week and now announcing that it will livestream the Democratic and Republican National Conventions "wall to wall" thanks to a partnership with CBS.

Akamai sees new streaming record of 7.3 Tbps during Euro 2016 championship

The UEFA Euro 2016 championship game between Portugal and France pushed futbol's popularity among the streaming crowd to record heights once again, with CDN provider Akamai recording peak traffic rate of 7.3 terabits per second, along with 3.3 million concurrent streams, during the match's overtime period.

Juniper: ISPs can get in on $180B digital content market with integrated billing model

Video is the strongest-growing segment of the digital content market and will make a huge contribution -- second only to gaming -- to the projected $180 billion in revenues that will roll in by 2017, a new study by Juniper Research reveals. But that growth comes with a cost to the carriers and cable operators that manage all that data traffic streaming over their last-mile networks.

FilmOn takes on YipTV, other Hispanic OTT networks with Oi2 Media partnership

Linear streaming service FilmOn TV Networks is adding a bundle of Spanish-language video and audio channels to its lineup through a partnership with Oi2 Media Corp, a move that continues to line up FilmOn with Hispanic market competitors like YipTV, mitu, and others.

Investors line up to fund OTT content startups

Online media startups are increasingly looking like the new darlings of the investment world: Four content-focused companies, including All Def Digital, Thoughtful Media Group, Kin Community, and Woven Digital have received a combined $56 million in funding in just the past week.

Mobile video's simple math: quality video equals higher ad spending

Streaming video on mobile devices has a bright future, with viewers spending an increasing amount of time watching content on their smartphones and advertising revenue expected to reach $25 billion in five years, according to Strategy Analytics. But getting eyeballs onto ads may be problematic if high-quality video isn't part of the picture.

Live streaming heats up as Telestream expands overseas, Net Insight targets sports broadcasting

For live streaming vendors, sports broadcasters continue to be a primary target for their software and equipment offerings. Cases in point: Telestream, which expanding its broadcaster-friendly live streaming products to Europe, and Net Insight, a media transport provider specializing in faster glass-to-glass data delivery, which signed a new global service provider customer.

Netflix's slowing U.S. subscriber market may have driven truce with Comcast

Netflix's apparent truce with Comcast, which will see its SVOD service stream over the cable operator's X1 set-top boxes in the near future, may have been partially driven by the need to grab more subscribers as its U.S. growth slows and its international expansion appears to be less than stellar.

Amazon and PBS deal for kids programming helps boost investor confidence, share price

Amazon's continued strong relationship with PBS, in addition to new pricing options announced recently, likely will lead to strong second-quarter and year-end results, according to Jefferies, which rated the retail and SVOD giant a "buy" with a target price of $865, more than $100 above its current trading price.