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Whitepaper: Accelerating Media Workflows in the Cloud

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: partnered with Nucleus Research to create a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator that reconciles capital and operating expenditures of on-premise encoding and provides projections for the same workflow using a cloud encoding solution. Download today to learn more!

Running Out of Bandwidth? Take a Fresh Look at 100G

Whitepaper | Presented by: Cisco

100G technology is being used in products, ranging from data center to core routing to DWDM, and the optical use cases can be particularly compelling. No matter where you are in the technology life cycle, 100G deserves a fresh look. Download this whitepaper today!

Whitepaper: Interoperability in Connected Devices

Whitepaper | Presented By: Aricent

This whitepaper also talks about the critical importance of interoperability when deploying connected ecosystems in the Internet of Things. It also discusses the latest trends in the consumer electronics and automotive markets. Download this whitepaper today!

Driving Customer Loyalty Through Network Service Quality


In this whitepaper published by Heavy Reading and sponsored by IBM, discover how communications service providers (CSPs) can correlate customer loyalty indicators like Net Promoter Scores (NPS) with network and service quality metrics to help drive better business and operational performance. Download this whitepaper today.

Whitepaper: Never Mind the IoT…Here Comes the Third Wave

Whitepaper | Presented By: Aricent

This whitepaper discusses the various attributes and capabilities that a product needs to possess to be successful in the rapidly growing IoT market. It also talks about how a distributed architecture can be leveraged for successful IoT deployments. The paper provides key insights on IoT and describes how IoT is actually a series of vertical use cases with incredible diversity. Download this whitepaper today!

Top 10 LTE Service Innovations

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Openet

The global roll-out of LTE has been beneficial to all parties involved although, there is a danger that some operators could risk commoditizing their data services by focusing on just price and data volume. In order to differentiate their offerings, operators are creating innovative data services that meet their subscribers' needs. Learn more and download today.

Untangling the DAS Versus Small Cell Question

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Commscope

DAS and small cells are competing technologies—which one is right for you? In this white paper, CommScope objectively outlines the unique strengths of each wireless technology, helping you decide which tech is ideal for your needs. Download this whitepaper today!