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Broadcasting is about to change, regardless of Aereo lawsuit's outcome

It doesn't matter whether Aereo wins or loses its Supreme Court case. Broadcasting is going to change, because consumers demand it.

4K is everywhere at NAB, and it's about to hit the consumer market--ready or not

LAS VEGAS--While FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was exhorting traditional broadcasters to take a fresh look at over-the-top content delivery at a Tuesday keynote here, visitors to the National Association of Broadcasters annual trade show were getting an eyeful and an earful of solutions for just that (or close to it). IP video is top of mind at the show, and it's beginning to change the way broadcasters and distributors do business.

Warping into NAB at the speed of broadband

Next week, I'll be covering the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas with my colleagues, FierceCable Editor Steve Donohue and Editor in Chief Sue Marek. NAB is of course one of the biggest trade shows of the year, but what's more telling is the amount of attention that will be paid to over-the-top services and technologies.

Net neutrality debate may be focused in the wrong part of the ecosystem

Earlier this week, media outlets lit up with news that Apple might be negotiating a deal with Comcast to stream the cable giant's linear TV and on-demand video across its Apple TV device. A number of articles arose almost as quickly analyzing whether or not this would actually happen, and why. The rumors can't be completely dismissed, but the biggest traffic issues, and the deals put together to prevent them, may be taking place well before the last mile.

3 reasons why Netflix has to raise prices in 2014

Was Amazon's announcement that it would raise its Prime membership price to $99 well-timed or not? The answer to that could affect whether Netflix and other subscription video on demand services move to raise their prices, too.

Jumping into a dynamic year for online video

Anyone who doesn't see 2014 as a year of large-scale changes to the way online video is marketed, packaged and perceived hasn't been paying attention. Cable operators and short-form content providers alike are preparing to take a bite out of the space occupied by Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

Change is in the air at FierceOnlineVideo

As I write this Josh Wein, editor of FierceOnlineVideo, and his wife are at the hospital about to welcome their first child and embark on a whole new adventure in parenthood. As you may know, Josh has been the editor of FierceOnlineVideo for just about a year and during that time we've enjoyed his insightful commentaries and thoughtful news coverage.

The Internet is like this other thing

Washington loves a good analogy almost as much as Silicon Valley, and recent events are providing plenty of fodder for Internet analogies.

Will online video stay on the sidelines of the Comcast-TWC merger review?

If the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal ultimately goes through, the market for broadband and cable service won't change much. But it will change in important ways. Comcast, for one, will soon be the gatekeeper to broadband customers and TV viewers in nearly every major market.

Aereo's capacity issues could drum up subscriber interest

Did Aereo just take a page out of Apple's retail strategy playbook? Faced with capacity issues in major markets just before two big broadcast events, it's telling people to get in line.