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What can Yahoo's online video assets do for Verizon?

Verizon would roll Yahoo's video assets in with AOL, the unit that until its purchase last May was a direct competitor to Yahoo. But what benefits could Yahoo's assets provide to Verizon's video strategy? Which ones would be redundant?

Solving the live streaming latency conundrum

Can live streaming really grow this year the way it's been forecast? What is standing in the way of greater adoption and availability?

Competition, consolidation, and … Cosmo? A look at OTT's year to come

On a holiday trip to visit family, I finally got the chance to try JetBlue's much-touted Fly-Fi service, as well as the Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming service that the airline has promoted since partnering with the retail giant earlier this year.

The top 13 SVOD launches in 2015 – and more on the way

A couple of weeks ago, I noted the steep ramp-up in launches of over-the-top video services by both independent providers and large-scale operators such as Comcast and CenturyLink. The op-ed was a quick sketch of activity in the online video space. Afterward I sat down and listed, off the top of my head, all the OTT on-demand services that had launched or been announced this year.

A banner week for OTT announcements … and it's just beginning

And we're off: analysts earlier this year were predicting that at least 20 subscription-based OTT services would launch by 2018, most in small content niches. But in the meantime, a number of companies including startups, pay-TV operators and wireless carriers are jumping ahead with launches and partnerships, leaving analysts to scramble in the background.

Gauging the actual success of online content needs more than a social media metric

How accurate is social media at gauging the real success and reach of a TV show or digital movie? At the beginning of this year, "engagement," or how often viewers mentioned a specific piece of content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other site, was heralded as an innovative (and cheap) way for content providers to get their finger on the pulse of viewer tastes.

Striking a balance between advertisers and OTT viewers requires holistic thinking

Ad blocking has come to the forefront so quickly that our latest feature feels somewhat like jumping on the bandwagon. But I feel it's important to at least sketch out some of the challenges facing content providers at a time when the industry is just at the cusp of building up the AVOD side of online video.

Netflix an acquisition target? The case for and against

About a month ago, Paolo Pescatore, an analyst with CCS Insight outlined the idea that Netflix may be a shiny acquisition target. While the thought seems a little far-fetched -- Netflix almost certainly has no interest in being bought -- it isn't the first time this possibility has been floated, and now other outlets have picked up the ball and are outlaying cases for acquiring Netflix.

NewsON, Watchup, ZypMedia target the oft-overlooked local TV streaming opportunity

At the risk of throwing too many clichés at you, this is the best of times and the worst of times for the broadcast industry. The potential to reach a greater audience is bigger than ever, but the cost and complexity involved in leveraging OTT technologies makes adding an OTT strategy somewhat risky.

Finding video Zen: broadcasters, pay-TV struggle to unify traditional video delivery with OTT strategy

Forget about disruption. Forget about content cannibalization. The overriding mission from this point forward for the broadcast, pay-TV and media and entertainment industry is to incorporate online video into their structure as seamlessly as possible. That was most obvious to anyone attending the keynotes and panel sessions at this week's IBC Show in Amsterdam.