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ESPN, Fox, ABC reluctance to pivot toward linear streaming models could doom them

Despite CBS' all-in strategy to provide linear and on-demand streaming with its All Access paid subscription service, other major broadcasters have yet to fully commit to linear OTT services -- or even just more robust TV Everywhere content offerings. What's the holdup?

HBO NOW outage proves OTT industry needs to look QoE problems in the teeth

In trying to corral all the industry issues raised during last week's OTT Executive Summit, I was reminded of a classic Monty Python skit featuring the Spanish Inquisition and its ever-growing list of priorities, which forces a band of inquisitors to continually halt, mid-spiel, and tack on to their bold speech. But one issue raised its head above all the rest.

Transforming OTT from gee-whiz tech to mainstream entertainment source requires continued quality focus

One of the key terms I've heard over and over again at INTX this week – besides "disruption" and "transformation," because those pretty much define the cable industry these days – was "immersive experience." That was exemplified by the number of virtual reality demos running in most of the larger vendor booths, such as Comcast's, where cable executives gleefully sat three at a time, peering through Comcast-branded VR goggles at the experiences the cable operator promises in the future.

Turner, other media players take cautious route to SVOD

After a flurry of announcements and activity at the end of 2015 regarding their planned direct-to-consumer efforts, traditional networks, broadcasters and even cable operators mostly have yet to launch their own subscription video on demand (SVOD) services. That's beginning to change, but the trend for now appears to be cautious circling of the online video industry.

Grabbing the OTT lightning: traditional media drives the latest online video trends at NAB 2016

This year marked my third time covering the over-the-top goings-on at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, and the annual tradeshow, as usual, did not fail to catch the attention of the broadcast industry and the myriad vendors that support media and entertainment. Each year is different when it comes to the conversation around OTT and the technologies that are drawing the most focus and excitement, and 2016 was no exception.

Live streaming, 4K, cloud delivery and virtual reality on tap as broadcasters go all-in at NAB

It's fitting that this year's National Association of Broadcasters tradeshow takes place, as usual, in Las Vegas: for the past few years, NAB members have increasingly gambled on having a presence in the online video ecosystem. But this year, more than ever, that bet looks like a sure thing.

What can Yahoo's online video assets do for Verizon?

Verizon would roll Yahoo's video assets in with AOL, the unit that until its purchase last May was a direct competitor to Yahoo. But what benefits could Yahoo's assets provide to Verizon's video strategy? Which ones would be redundant?

Solving the live streaming latency conundrum

Can live streaming really grow this year the way it's been forecast? What is standing in the way of greater adoption and availability?

Competition, consolidation, and … Cosmo? A look at OTT's year to come

On a holiday trip to visit family, I finally got the chance to try JetBlue's much-touted Fly-Fi service, as well as the Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming service that the airline has promoted since partnering with the retail giant earlier this year.

The top 13 SVOD launches in 2015 – and more on the way

A couple of weeks ago, I noted the steep ramp-up in launches of over-the-top video services by both independent providers and large-scale operators such as Comcast and CenturyLink. The op-ed was a quick sketch of activity in the online video space. Afterward I sat down and listed, off the top of my head, all the OTT on-demand services that had launched or been announced this year.