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Jim Barthold, editor of FierceIPTV, has been around the telecommunications space since advanced engineers used two tin cans and a string to communicate. A longtime freelance writer, he has worked over the years with General Instrument Corp. in public relations, Cable World, Telephony Magazine, Telecommunications Magazine, Communications Technology Magazine, CED Magazine and a few other publications that have nothing to do with cable TV, as well as a short stint as a senior analyst with NPD Connected Intelligence. An avid golfer, Barthold follows the advice of the professional staff at Running Deer Golf Club and keeps his day job. He can be reached at jbarthold@fiercemarkets.com and found on LinkedIn.

Articles by Jim Barthold

Parks: Roku leads the pack as 10% of broadband households buy streaming media devices in 2014

Ten percent of U.S. households bought a streaming media device in 2014 with Roku the leading choice, a survey by Parks Associates says.

Cuban: Streaming video doesn't threaten cable TV

Billionaire entrepreneur and sports team owner Mark Cuban isn't all that impressed with streaming video as a competitor to cable TV. In fact, he takes issue with boasts that streaming services such as Netflix will soon dance on cable's grave, arguing instead that the two media need each other.

Nielsen: Traditional TV viewing slides as online streaming views go up

Nielsen's new Total Audience Report has confirmed a trend that most industry observers believe: Online video streaming viewing went up 60 percent year-over-year in the third quarter of this year while traditional television viewing dropped 4 percent during the same time period.

Pai raps Netflix for not joining Streaming Video Alliance

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has taken issue with what appears to be Netflix's contradictory stance on Internet fast lanes. Pai, in a letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, chided the streaming video company for its "basic argument" that it believes in free and open Internet while at the same time installing "its own proprietary caching appliances throughout ISPs' networks as part of an Open Content program."

AOL spends $50M to buy online video management player Vidible

AOL will spend $50 million to purchase online video management company Vidible.

Report: Netflix to reach 17M international subs by year-end

A Digital TV Research report predicts that Netflix will reach 17 million paying subscribers internationally by the end of 2014 thanks to launches in six European countries since the latest numbers were announced in September. In related news, Netflix is shelling out $90 million--second only to HBO's Game of Thrones investment--for a new series Marco Polo that it hopes will attract more international viewers.

New York Times makes online video free

News stories in the written word--whether online or on paper--will still come at a premium, but all video content and apps on NYTimes.com will be free to any visitors to the site, the New York Times has announced.

Viggle taps into newly engaged TV audience

For Viggle, it's not about being a rewards app or a social media app or even a way for networks and programmers to track their audiences. President-COO Greg Consiglio explains why and where the company is going in a question-and-answer session with FierceIPTV editor Jim Barthold.

Online video viewing up 20.3% in 2012

The digital video viewing audience grew 20.3 percent in 2012, topping the 500 billion view mark (actually 511 billion views) across both professionally produced and user-generated content (UGC) spaces, according to AccuStream Research.

Provo approves sale of iProvo to Google Fiber for $1

The seven-member Provo, Utah, City Council has put its unanimous stamp of approval on a deal that transfers its iProvo fiber optic network to Google Fiber for $1, paving the way for Google's third gigabit Internet community following the Kansas City "fiberhoods" and Austin, Texas.